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UVic Italian 100 resources, including
Italian 100 exercises
Oggi In Italia workbook,
Oggi In Italia translation
Italian 100 practice exam

UVic Italian 250 resources, including
DaCapo exercises
Italian 250 practice exam

Scholarships: This contains a list of scholarship and grants for Italian academic programs and studies.

Vocabulary: Increase your Italian word power with study aids such as flashcards, wordlists, glossaries, and proverbs.


Dictionaries: This site contains a list of Italian/English, English/Italian dictionaries as well as an Italian language dictionary.

: A List of Italian Dictionaries for all types of needs!

Literature, culture and society

Britannica World Atlas: Learn all you can about Italy's economy, people, history and geography.

Italy for Visitors: The Ultimate Site for information on Italy. Here you will find information on renting apartments, food, lifestyles, driving, trains, outdoor events, and shopping!

News and current events

:Newslink's list of 24 Italian newspapers.

Study in Italy

Italian Language Schools

Italian Colleges and Universities

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