Programs and certificates

 Honours, Major, and Minor programs in Hispanic Studies
Hispanic Studies Honours Graduate 2022

An Honours degree will find you in an in-depth study and research of a specific topic of your choice and completed under the supervision of a faculty member. A Major will allow you to increase your Spanish language fluency and confidence, while deepening your knowledge of Hispanic literatures and cultures. A General and Minor degree provides a general education in Hispanic Studies. A Certificate in Spanish Language and Cultural Proficiency is an option for students in another degree progam.

Students are advised to consult with our undergraduate advisor regarding their course planning.

Several courses offered in our department focus on Latin American literature and culture. These courses may also count towards a degree in Latin American Studies. For more details, please visit Latin American Studies.

Program Requirements

Please consult the UVic academic calendar to learn about the requirements and descriptions of our programs.

To declare your degree program, see UVic Academic Advising for guidance.