Undergraduate Courses

Our objectives and learning outcomes are according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as a user of Spanish. Global scale - Table 1 (CEFR 3.3): Common Reference levels

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Our 2020/21 courses will be taught online in BrightSpace as synchronous (structured), asynchronous (flexible) or a combination of both (blended). Example of a blended course: SPAN 100A A01 will "meet virtually" for one hour on Tuesdays, 9:30-10:30am (synchronous); the remaining two hours will be on your own time (asynchronous) to equal  three hours of class time every week. 

Fall Session: September 9 to December 4, 2020

Course Title Instructor(s)
SPAN 100A Beginners' Spanish I Rosa Stewart

Alicia Uysses
SPAN 149 Intensive Beginners' Spanish Alicia Ulysses
SPAN 250A Intermediate Spanish I Christine Forster 
SPAN 304
(in English)
Indigenous Latin America: Social Justice and the Environment Gabriela McBee
SPAN 350A Upper Intermediate Spanish I Christine Forster
SPAN 390
(in Spanish)
Hispanic Literature I Dan Russek
SPAN 417
(in Spanish)
Global Perspectives in the
Spanish-speaking World
Marina Bettaglio
SPAN 450A Advanced Spanish I Gabriela McBee
(in English)
Revolutions and Dictators
in 20th Century Latin America
Matthew Koch

Spring Session: January 6 to April 5, 2021


Course Title Instructor(s)
LAS 400 Topic: An Interdisciplinary Study of Nation, Ethnicity and Identity Matthew Koch
SPAN 100A Beginners' Spanish I Christine Forster

Dan Russek
SPAN 100B Beginners' Spanish II Gabriela McBee

Rosa Stewart
SPAN 149 Intensive Beginners' Spanish Gabriela McBee
SPAN 249 Intensive Intermediate Spanish Alicia Ulysses
SPAN 250B Intermediate Spanish II Alicia Ulysses  
(in English)
Topic: Mexican Culture Through Food
(Online course)
Rosa Stewart
(in Spanish)
Topic: Latin American Film of the Last 30 Years Dan Russek
SPAN 350B Upper Intermediate Spanish II Christine Forster
SPAN 391
(in Spanish)
Hispanic Literature Pablo Restrepo Gautier
SPAN 450B Advanced Spanish II Gabriela McBee

All summer courses will be taught online via CourseSpaces


Course Title Instructor Dates
SPAN 100B Beginners' Spanish II Pablo Restrepo Gautier May 11 - June 26
SPAN 149 Beginners' Spanish-Intensive Alicia Ulysses May 11 - June 26
SPAN 185
(in English)
Hispanic Culture Through Film

Christine Forster  May 11 - June 3

(in English)

Topic: Latin America Cities:
Havana, Buenos Aires, Mexico City
Dan Russek July 6 - August 21

SPAN 307
(in English)

Latin American Culture Through Music Christine Forster July 29 - August 21
2020 Spring (January-April)

Courses                                                                         Instructors

 100A: Beginners' Spanish I                                                      Dan Russek,
                                                                                             Christine Forster 
                                                                                              Rosa Stewart
100B: Beginners' Spanish II                                                     Alicia Ulysses
149:   Intensive Beginners' Spanish                                          Rosa Stewart
185:   Hispanic Culture Through Film (in English)                       Christine Forster
249:   Intensive Intermediate Spanish                                      Silvia Colás Cardona
250B: Intermediate Spanish II                                                  Gabriela McBee,
                                                                                              Alicia Ulysses
350B: Upper Intermediate Spanish II                                         Christine Forster
391:   Hispanic Literature II                                                      Pablo Restrepo Gautier
450B:  Advanced Spanish II                                                       Silvia Colás Cardona
483B:  Latin American Fiction from the "Boom" to the Present       Dan Russek
           (in Spanish)
LAS 400:  Topics: Community Empowerment (in English)              Matthew Koch

2019 Fall/Winter (September-December)

Courses                                                                         Instructors

 100A: Beginners' Spanish I                                                      Christine Forster,
                                                                                              Gabriela McBee,
                                                                                              Alicia Ulysses
100B: Beginners' Spanish II                                                     Pablo Restrepo Gautier
149:   Intensive Beginners' Spanish                                          Alicia Ulysses
250A: Intermediate Spanish I                                                  Silvia Colás Cardona
304: Indigenous Latin America, Social Justice,                           Gabriela McBee
        Environment (in English)
350A: Upper Intermediate Spanish I                                         Christine Forster
390:   Hispanic Literature I                                                       Dan Russek
408B: Advanced Topics in Latin American Culture (in English)      Dan Russek
         [Topic: Latin American Cities: Buenos Aires, Havana,
         Mexico City] - ONLINE
450A:  Advanced Spanish I                                                       Silvia Colás Cardona
484C:  Conquest & Rebellion in Latin America, 1492-1783           Matthew Koch
           (in English)