Undergraduate Hispanic studies

Three students standing in front a chalkboard with Rosa Stewart

Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and the second most widely spoken language in the world with an estimated 570 million speakers. A degree in Hispanic Studies offers a solid background in the language, literature and cultures of Spain and Latin America.

Increasingly, cultural awareness of Hispanic affairs is an important asset in the worlds of politics and business and the demand for language teachers is rising. Career options are vast and range from teaching and translation to tourism, international business and positions in government.

Whether you want focus on Hispanic studies or just take a course as an elective, our courses will provide you with life-long learning skills and cultural competency that give you a competitive edge.

Study abroad

There's no better way to learn about a culture than through immersion. Hispanic studies students are encouraged to spend a term earning UVic course credit while studying in Alcalá, Spain or Cuenca, Ecuador.

Certificates in language and cultural proficiency

These one- and two-year certificate programs place language in its cultural and social contexts, with emphasis on communication, practical vocabulary and grammatical accuracy, all key ingredients to using Spanish in real-life situations.

Our culture courses use film, music, art and literature as springboards to gain a better understanding of the large and diverse Hispanic world.

Get your DELE certification

The Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are official exams certifying the degree of competence and mastery of Spanish, granted by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain. The DELE examination provides for all the different variants of the Spanish language.

Academic advice

Contact the Undergraduate Advisor for Spanish:

Dr. Silvia Colás Cardona

Clearihue Building B402

Courses                                                                         Instructors

100A: Beginners' Spanish I                                                      Dan Russek,
                                                                                             Christine Forster 
                                                                                              Rosa Stewart
100B: Beginners' Spanish II                                                     Alicia Ulysses
149:   Intensive Beginners' Spanish                                          Rosa Stewart
185:   Hispanic Culture Through Film (in English)                       Christine Forster
249:   Intensive Intermediate Spanish                                      Silvia Colás Cardona
250B: Intermediate Spanish II                                                  Gabriela McBee,
                                                                                              Alicia Ulysses
350B: Upper Intermediate Spanish II                                         Christine Forster
391:   Hispanic Literature II                                                      Pablo Restrepo Gautier
450B:  Advanced Spanish II                                                       Silvia Colás Cardona
483B:  Latin American Fiction from the "Boom" to the Present       Dan Russek
           (in Spanish)

LAS 400:  Topics: Community Empowerment (in English)              Matthew Koch

Courses                                                                         Instructors

100A: Beginners' Spanish I                                                      Christine Forster,
                                                                                              Gabriela McBee,
                                                                                              Alicia Ulysses
100B: Beginners' Spanish II                                                     Pablo Restrepo Gautier
149:   Intensive Beginners' Spanish                                          Alicia Ulysses
250A: Intermediate Spanish I                                                  Silvia Colás Cardona
304: Indigenous Latin America, Social Justice,                           Gabriela McBee
        Environment (in English)
350A: Upper Intermediate Spanish I                                         Christine Forster
390:   Hispanic Literature I                                                       Dan Russek
408B: Advanced Topics in Latin American Culture (in English)      Dan Russek
         [Topic: Latin American Cities: Buenos Aires, Havana,
         Mexico City] - ONLINE
450A:  Advanced Spanish I                                                       Silvia Colás Cardona
484C:  Conquest & Rebellion in Latin America, 1492-1783           Matthew Koch
           (in English)


Courses                                                                         Instructors

149: Intensive Beginners' Spanish [May-June]                           Alicia Ulysses

Courses                                                                         Instructors

100A: Beginners' Spanish I                                               Christine Forster, Gabriela
                                                                                          McBee, Alicia Ulysses
100B: Beginners' Spanish II                                              Christine Forster, Rosa
149: Beginners' Spanish (intensive)                                       Silvia Colás Cardona
249: Review of Grammar & Conversation (intensive)           Alicia Ulysses
250B: Review of Grammar & Conversation II                          Silvia Colás Cardona,
                                                                                          Gabriela McBee    
270: Introduction to Literature of Spain & Spanish America      Marina Bettaglio
305: Topics: Mexican Culture Through Food (in English)      Rosa Stewart
450A: Advanced Grammar & Syntax                                      Silvia Colás Cardona
472: Cervantes' Don Quijote                                            Pablo Restrepo Gautier
484E: Revolutions & Dictators, 20th C. Latin America              Matthew Koch

Courses                                                                         Instructors

100A: Beginners' Spanish I                                                   Christine Forster, Rosa
                                                                                          Stewart, Alicia Ulysses
100B: Beginners' Spanish II                                                  Alicia Ulysses
149: Beginners' Spanish (intensive)                                       Alicia Ulysses
185: Hispanic Culture Through Film (in English)                      Christine Forster
250A: Review of Grammar & Conversation I                           Silvia Colás Cardona                 
350A: Advanced Composition, Translation & Stylistics: I          Christine Forster
370: Spanish Literature Origins to 1700                             Pablo Restrepo Gautier
484D: Struggle for Independence in Latin America,                Matthew Koch

Courses                                                                         Instructors

149: Beginners' Spanish (intensive)                                       Alicia Ulysses
149: Beginners' Spanish (intensive)                                       Christine Forster