PLVS VLTRA Undergraduate Journal

About the Journal:

We are a peer-reviewed Undergraduate Journal focused on showcasing the works of students in the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies. Undergraduate students and recent graduates from other departments and universities are invited to submit papers to the journal, as long as the paper focuses on the Hispanic or Italian world.


We publish papers written in either of the three department languages: English, Spanish, and Italian. As this journal endeavours to recognize exceptional work, submissions will undergo a hefty peer-review process. Each paper will be reviewed by at least two undergraduate students. Reviewers will address areas including clarity of writing, presentation, relevance to the theme of Hispanic and Italian Studies, originality, interdisciplinary relevance, and contribution to research in the area.

PLVS VLTRA Vol 6, and archives

Enquiries and submissions can be directed to:

Lina Maria Clevenger
Editor-in-Chief, 2021-22
Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, UVIC