Campus training

Brightspace, Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation

Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) helps faculty, staff, and students with technology-enabled learning and teaching. They handle pedagogical and technical support and instructional design with platforms such as Brightspace, the Online Academic Community, and more.

For professional development opportunities, see upcoming workshops.

Communications + Marketing workshops

Consistent messages and a unified look and feel support the story we want to tell about UVic, bringing our distinct advantages to life for the audiences with whom we want to build strong relationships. We want people to immediately recognize UVic everywhere we are. It'll take time, effort and all of us working together to achieve that.

See the UVic Edge brand website to see workshop details and to register.

Continuing Studies

The Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) provides adult and continuing education programming, online and face-to-face, in co-operation with UVic faculties and community partners. They offer programs in a range of academic disciplines using diploma, certificate, degree and other programming models to serve adult, part-time, international and geographically dispersed students. Currently, DCS offers special employees prices for Business & Management courses.

Are you a lifelong learner? Visit Continuing Studies for more information.

Employee learning calendar

This learning calendar offers courses, certificates and programs, to support your personal and professional development. Courses in the calendar have no fee for UVic employees and are offered first for all permanent full- and part-time staff. Please note a FAST code is required when registering as charges will be enforced for last minute cancellations or no-shows.

Explore the employee learning calendar to learn more and register.

Emergency Planning

Emergency management at UVic focuses on encouraging people to be prepared for emergencies and disasters. As well, it has created specialized plans and teams to help our campus respond to major emergencies and to recover quickly from unexpected disruptions. They offer a number of courses including Emergency Preparedness and Active Threat training. Visit this page for more training information. Contact: .

Equity and Human Rights training and support

The Equity and Human Rights (EQHR) office provides leadership in the development and coordination of plans, policies and procedures which support the university's organizational and legislative commitments to provide equitable access to and participation in employment and educational opportunities. This office offers educational sessions on a variety of topics (e.g., human rights, Discrimination and Harassment Policy, inclusivity, intersectionality). Most of these sessions can be modified to fit time schedules from one hour to full-day workshops.

For more information see Equity and human rights workshops or contact Amy Loggin at

Executive programs, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

At Peter B. Gustavson School of Business we take a unique approach to business education. Whether you need a program to address a specific, well-defined development need, or help in determining what your training needs are, we can work with you to provide the right solution to tackle your key management issues.

Visit Professional development programs to learn about short (2-5 day) courses, or in depth Project Management training or Gustavson Executive Programs for more general information. Need assistance? Contact

FAST Finance training

FAST Finance is a self-service reporting tool for authorized users that provides access to general operating, research, special purpose, and other account information online. Users can view their budget, commitments, and expenditures. Visit FAST HR finance for FAQs.

Training is offered throughout the year. Get more information and register on the FAST Finance training (NetLink ID and password required) contacting .

Health and wellbeing training

UVic is committed to promoting a healthy campus community that empowers our employees to support each other and participate in maintaining their own health and wellbeing. Services in this area actively promote practices of inclusion, respect, wellness, accessibility, safety and accommodation as the foundations of our healthy university community.

Visit our Health and Wellness page for more information.

Occupational Health and Safety training

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment provides health and safety support and training to faculty, staff and students in the areas of research safety, occupational health and environmental protection.

For current course offerings visit Occupational Health, Safety & Environment or contact

University Libraries

We are an interdisciplinary space open to all and encourage cross-disciplinary conversations. The Digital Scholarship Commons assists faculty, students, staff, and the wider Victoria community in learning digital tools and digital research methodologies. We are interested in sparking opportunities for students and faculty from various disciplines to come together and talk about their work.

We offer services to help our community become well-versed in digital information fluency through one-on-one training, large workshops, digital curriculum development advice, tools, software, and more. Workshop information and schedule here.

University Systems training

Over the past several years University Systems has witnessed continuous growth in the use of information systems in higher education. These systems permeate every aspect of our university life; research, learning and teaching, and our faculty, staff, students and researchers rely on technology support.
University Systems offers regularly scheduled classroom and online training for faculty, staff and students.

See their training page for more details on specific training opportunities.

UVic Careers system: training and support

UVic Careers is the online job management system for all staff job postings in the following employee groups: CUPE 917, CUPE 951, Exempt Support Staff, PEA and Management Excluded. We offer drop-in sessions to assist you with the UVic Careers system and the hiring process. No formal registration is required and you need to bring a laptop/tablet to the session.

Visit the Employment services hiring page to view the training schedule or email .

Sponsored programs

Center for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD)

The university currently sponsors leaders to attend Centre for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD). Program fees are shared between your VP/president and your department budget.

Please consult with your VP/president for funding and approval for these programs before sending your application to CHERD.

Current courses include:

Please apply directly with the University of Manitoba by contacting: Kathleen Matheos at