Great BC ShakeOut 2017

On October 19 at 10:19 a.m., get ready to drop, cover and hold on!

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Active Threat

Know what to do during an active threat.  Get Out.  Hide. Fight

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Evacuating a building

If you need to evacuate a building, look for your Building and Floor Emergency Coordinators, visible in their orange vests. They can guide you to pre-designated safe areas known as building assembly sites.

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What to do when all eyes are on you

Review our emergency preparedness checklists for faculty, instructors, facilitators and presenters to ensure you know what to do in an emergency situation.

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UVic Emergency Alerts graphic

UVic Emergency Alerts

UVic Emergency Alerts is a system that allows the university to quickly and efficiently contact students and employees with important information during an emergency. Have you registered?

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Communicating in an emergency

If there is an emergency on the UVic campus, do you know where to get information?

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Emergency Planning

Emergency management at UVic focuses on developing teams to help our campus respond to major emergencies and to recover quickly from unexpected disruptions. There are over 500 staff, faculty and students involved in a variety of emergency response teams, but every member of the campus community has a role to play by being personally prepared — just in case.

For more information, contact the Manager of Emergency Planning at a.

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