Snow or extreme weather

In the event of snow or extreme weather, visit the UVic home page for current information. The university will use the website to inform the campus community about safety precautions, service disruptions, class cancellations and campus closure. Information will also be posted on and .

Campus closure

During a campus closure academic and administrative functions that are available remotely will continue. The campus closure only applies to those activities that must occur on the physical campus. If you are in doubt if a physical closure of the campus affects you please contact your instructor or supervisor.

There are a number of factors that inform the university's decision whether to keep the physical campus open or to close the campus during inclement weather. These factors include:

  • BC Transit service to the campus, confirming major bus routes that serve campus are operating
  • Conditions on campus, including roads, pathways and parking lots
  • Weather conditions at present and forecasted
  • Regional road reports
  • Messaging from the police agencies in the four core municipalities on travel restrictions

Campus Security and Facilities Management monitor the above. Based on their findings, a recommendation is made to university executive. UVic only interrupts regular operations under exceptional circumstances.

A campus closure due to snow is not an emergency. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to wind down their in-person activities once they learn of the announced campus closure. However, online classes and administrative activities being conducted remotely will continue. An immediate departure from campus is not required. During a closure only those on-campus services necessary for the continued operation and safety of campus will be staffed. Managers should ensure that any employees who are required to attend work on-campus are notified as soon as possible so they can make plans for safe travel to and from campus. 

Tips and reminders

  • When severe weather is predicted or occurring, check the UVic home page for any advisories.
  • Wear appropriate clothing—including footwear—suitable for the conditions. Stay visible.
  • Plan ahead and make safe choices for travel to and from campus.
  • If your vehicle is not equipped for winter driving conditions, use other transportation options.
  • Allow extra travel time. Use main routes as these will be cleared of snow first.
  • Use the main entrances to campus buildings. These will be cleared of snow and ice first.
  • Report unsafe conditions to Campus Security at 250-721-7599
  • Be patient. Facilities Management staff will work as quickly as possible to clear snow and ice according to campus priorities.
  • If working alone familiarize yourself with the Campus Alone program.

Snow response plan

UVic's Department of Facilities Management is responsible for managing snow and ice clearing on campus. The university uses a snow clearing response plan that identifies and prioritizes roadways, accessibility and high priority pathways, building entrances, emergency fire lanes, the campus bus loop and parking areas for snow removal. Facilities Management staff will work as quickly as possible to clear snow and ice according to these priorities.

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