Emergency procedures

Take the time to review the new and improved UVic Emergency Procedures poster - just in case.

Plan ahead to stay safe

  • Check out the new Emergency Procedures poster. Print one off for your office. Please recycle all older versions. It’s important to have the new and improved information with extra details.
  • Pick up a mini wallet card version at key campus locations (e.g. the Bookstore, computer labs and the Library).
  • Do you teach a class or give presentations? Download a special checklist to be better prepared if an emergency happens and all eyes are on you.

Staying informed during an emergency

An important aspect of emergency response is fast and accurate communication. During a major emergency occuring on campus:

  • Check your email, voice mail, text messaging and the UVic website. For more information see UVic Alerts.
  • Check Twitter for emergency notifications. Follow us .
  • Watch for emergency notices posted on networked digital signs.
  • Tune in to CFUV community radio on campus at 101.9 FM.

The university can respond quickly and effectively to any emergency. Our "all hazards" response plan is based on a provincial model that is used throughout B.C. All first responders such as fire, police and ambulance use the same approach to emergency response. Details are outlined in the UVic Emergency Response Plan.