UVic Alerts

UVic student holds out a smart phone with the UVic Safety App showing on it

UVic Alerts

UVic Alerts is a notification system that allows the university to quickly and efficiently contact you with important information during a disrupting event.

UVic Alerts will use one or more of these communication channels to notify you:

  • UVic SafetyApp
  • email
  • mobile text messaging
  • digital signage
  • social media
  • uvic.ca website

Register your mobile phone to receive text messages

Visit UVic Online tools - Personal and account profile. If you are not already signed in to UVic Online Tools, you will need to log in with your NetLink ID and password.

Add a mobile phone number to your Personal and account profile if you wish to receive text messages on your mobile phone.

Without current contact information, UVic will not be able to reach you with important information and instructions during disrupting events. 

Please note:

  • Standard message and data rates may apply.
  • Message frequency may vary.
  • Carriers are not responsible for undelivered messages.


The UVic Alerts system is typically tested twice a year. Thank you for your patience and cooperation – testing is essential to ensure UVic can provide an effective mass notification system. 

It is important to note that the UVic Alerts system, or any of its components, can experience service interruptions beyond our control. While rare, a service disruption could potentially prevent the UVic Alerts notification system from being able to send timely messaging via all communications channels.

Stay Safe: Get the UVic SafetyApp

  • The UVic SafetyApp is the fastest way to receive alert notifications from the university on your mobile phone.
  • Try out the Friend Walk feature - this allows you to send a map link to a trusted person that allows them to monitor your progress when you walk from one location to another (on or off campus). When you reach your destination simply turn off the map. 
  • Find important safety information, contacts, maps and procedures—all in one place!
  • It’s free for anyone to download at the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • In your app settings, make sure you allow notifications to be “enabled” in order to receive notifications via the app.


  • The app will receive alert notifications if it is connected to WiFi or to the cellular network
  • The app does not need to be open to receive alert notifications
  • Make sure to enable the alert notifications within the app. The app will not receive alert messages until you do this.
  • Check uvic.ca regularly during a disrupting event. It will be updated as new information becomes available.

For more information, please contact the Manager, Emergency Planning, at 250-721-6355.

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