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Learning Central is UVic's staff learning registration system. It can be used by UVic staff to find and register for on-campus or online training opportunities. Learners can access their certificates from training, as well as their learning records.

Learning Central can also be used by UVic departments who provide on campus or online training to staff to promote courses, manage registration and maintain course completion records. Please see the Training providers tab for more information. 

Read before accessing Learning central: Terms of Use

Version 1.1 (last updated Jul 26, 2019)

The Learning Central portal at the University of Victoria (UVic) is managed by Organization Development and Learning Services (ODLS) within Human Resources (HR). The portal supports employee training and learning records management by UVic training providers. Access to the Learning Central portal (“portal”) is granted upon a user’s review and acceptance of a set of terms and conditions (“agreement”). Any modifications to this agreement will be posted with the assumption that continued use of the portal indicates acceptance of such changes.

Information Disclosure
Your learning records are visible to your direct supervisor or manager through the portal.
Also, by using the portal, you agree to make your contact information and employment status available to portal administrators (ODLS staff and other campus training providers).

Portal users are responsible for seeking appropriate supervisor approval prior to registering for training. Some operations in the portal may require you to provide a FAST code and personal dietary restrictions. This information will be visible to portal administrators only for the purposes of applying a service policy or arranging catering services when applicable.

Your interactions within the portal, including registering for courses, posting courses, learning records and other data will be stored on servers located in Canada at the University of Victoria.

University Policies
Use of the Learning Central portal is subject to the following UVic policies and guidelines:

in addition to applicable service policies associated with the courses you are taking. These policies will be highlighted during the registration process and are a result of the fact that training may be organized by various departments and service providers.

The portal is available to students, staff, faculty, and authorized administrators at the UVic via single sign-on with a primary NetLink ID. Upon leaving the university, you will lose access to your account. If you would like assistance getting a copy of your learning records, contact ODLS at

Support for the portal is provided by ODLS; however, support for specific courses is provided by the department organizing the training. By using this portal, you consent to receive communications including notices, announcements, feedback, or support from relevant portal administrators. Portal administrators may provide all such communications by email or by posting them as a notice on the Learning Central website.

ODLS will endeavour to ensure that the portal is available 24 hours a day; however, access to this site may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the event of system failure, maintenance or repair, or for reasons beyond the control of ODLS.

The portal may contain content, references and links to other websites outside the control of UVic. UVic is not responsible for, does not guarantee access to, and does not assume endorsement of external content.

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Features of Learning Central

  • download your certificate of completion for each course
  • easily register and unregister for courses
  • mark courses you find interesting for future reference
  • subscribe to receive notifications when courses of interest are added
  • view and download your learning records
  • upload training certificates you have been granted by other organizations
  • supervisors can view training records of their direct reports

How-to guides

Use the how-to guides when you have questions about navigating learning central.

Questions about Learning Central

Please don't heistate to get in touch with us at odls1@uvic.ca if you have any questions related to Learning Central.