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The Faculty of Education is a passionate and active member of many communities: students, teachers, researchers, alumni, Indigenous communities, schools and counselors. Currently, our community includes around 100 staff and faculty members, 900 undergraduate students and 300 graduate students. 

Our faculty is also connected to a network of faculties across the university. This network will include a new Faculty of Health, established on May 1, 2024, and to become operational on May 1, 2025. As a result, our School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education will move to the Faculty of Health and we will welcome the School of Child and Youth Care. We look forward to the opportunities these shifts will bring! 

Our team

Three headshots of our Dean and Associate Deans.

Dean of Education
Dr. Vanessa Andreotti
MAC A243

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Dr. Leslee Francis Pelton
MAC A247

Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research
Dr. Catherine McGregor
MAC A243

Assistant to the Dean of Education
Ami Cheli
MAC A243

Assistant to the Associate Deans
Susan Chambers
MAC A247

Director of Administration
Wendy Seager
MAC A245

Digital Media Officer
Michelle Butterfield
MAC A362

Research & Grants Facilitator
Dr. Tanya Battersby
MAC A363

EDID+ Coordinator
Jasdeep Randhawa
MAC A358

Deans' Office initiatives

The Deans' Office oversees a portfolio of initiatives to support academic work related to climate education, decolonization and mental health. We encourage all Faculty of Education students, staff and faculty to explore these initiatives and consider getting involved. 

The Dean’s office is excited to introduce our speaker series on Climate, Complexity, and Decolonization. Thanks to funding from the Gaines and Shaw Educational endowment and the Musagetes Foundation, we have been able to bring together a diverse lineup of speakers to the Faculty of Education at UVic.

This program is a year-long look into the climate emergency through collaborative transformative inquiry. It is designed for students, faculty, sessionals and staff to develop our capacity to face the most pressing challenges of our time. An emphasis is placed on amplifying Indigenous leadership, honesty and discernment, and courage to face reality. The cohort of 10 fellows meets online weekly to discuss resilience initiatives. Each fellow receives an individual research grant of $4,000 and each cohort has access to $10,000 in joint funds designated to support collaboration and outreach within the community. Please stay tuned for stories and outcomes of the 2023/24 Fellowship. 

Our mission & values

A student walking along a lush forest path, wearing a bright red rain jacket.

We are committed to creating an inclusive learning environment with deep respect for all forms of diversity. We aim to promote decolonization, accountability, ethical leadership and lifelong learning in our community and beyond.

EDID commitment

Our faculty acknowledges and respects the privilege and responsibility we have to live and learn together on the traditional territories of the lәk’wәŋәŋ Peoples including the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSÁNEĆ Peoples whose unwavering relationship with the land continues to this day. In this regard, we commit to including the following local Coast Salish values and teachings to help guide, shape and envision what we do and how in the Faculty of Education:

  • Heʔkw  səl’elexw’tala  sčelāŋen’: Remember our ancestors/birthright; 
  • Nəə  māt  gwens  čey’i: Work together; 
  • New’ews  sn  ʔeyʔ  šweleqwəns: Bring in your good feelings; 
  • ə’sacʔəy’xw  meqw  tə’sa teče: Be prepared for all work to come. 

Strategic planning & annual report

The Faculty of Education is driven by the vision of the University of Victoria as outlined in the strategic plan, Distinctly UVic. This plan is a call to live in right relationship, to exist sustainably and equitably, and to use our experience and creativity to spark positive change. 

Since 2018, we have published a faculty annual report that looks back over the previous year, celebrating the accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. You can view the 2022/23 Faculty of Education Annual Report online or pick up a hard copy from the Deans' Office.

News & stories

There are many incredible stories within the Faculty of Education. Every one of our students, alumni, and instructors are doing impactful work in the field of education, from classroom learning to critical research, addressing systemic issues and supporting healthy communities. We encourage you to read these stories of transformative education in action and news from the Faculty of Education. 

A decorative image of yellow and purple wildflowers.

2024 Leadership Transition

Dr. Vanessa Andreotti was appointed as our new Dean of Education with plans for a transition year leading up to her five-year term. Dr. Catherine McGregor took on the position of Acting Dean during this transition year. We spoke with them to learn more about the experience.

A nature shot of bright orange spring flowers on campus.

Meet our new Dean of Education

We're thrilled to have Dr. Vanessa Andreotti lead our Faculty of Education as Dean from 2023 to 2028. A founding member of the Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures collective, she is an advocate for courageous climate education, decolonization and facing human wrongs. 

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