UVic professor Onowa McIvor by the water

As part of the NEȾOLṈEW̱ project, Onowa McIvor is working with a network of Indigenous-led organizations to strengthen efforts to revive Indigenous languages. She is pictured at SṈAḴE, the SENĆOŦEN name for the Cadboro Bay/Mt. Tolmie area.

Olav Krigoson Current Research showing EEG process jpg

“Learning is crucial. If we do not learn, we do not survive,” says researcher Olav Krigolson, who uses modelling and neuroimaging to study how the mind learns and makes decisions.

stylized lightbulb being disrupted by water

Covid-19 research-based perspectives from UVicEd folks

Our researchers work in traditional and innovative ways to advance knowledge and understanding across diverse fields in education today. We create vital impact on the lives of individuals and communities through research and engaged practice. Highlights of our research engagement include rehabilitation health, psychology of learning, indigenous education, languages, and ways of knowing, and innovative curriculum for social justice.

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