Stem cells to neurons-Johnson and Agbay

In a collaborative project, ceramic artist Sydnie Johnson (Art Education) depicts Biomedical grad student Andrew Agbay's research in ceramic form. Through a drug treatment, Agbay grows dopaminergic neurons from human stem cells. This growth is shown chronologically in Johnson's tile mural. This collaboration will be featured during IdeaFest and will then be installed in the Centre for Biomedical Research.

Olav Krigoson Current Research showing EEG process jpg

“Learning is crucial. If we do not learn, we do not survive,” says Professor Olav Krigolson, a Department of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education researcher, who uses computational modelling and neuroimaging (EEGs and functional MRIs) to study how the mind learns and makes decisions.

Dr Darlene Clover jpg of museum

Public art galleries and museums are first and foremost educational institutions and have been challenged to refocus their adult education work to respond to the needs of communities in the 21st century. How well they respond to these new mandates is the focus of Professor Darlene Clover’s Canada-United Kingdom study.

Dr Beverly Smith Nature Kindergarten image in forest jpg

Researchers at the Centre for Early Childhood Research and Policy have put to the test British Columbia's first outdoor kindergarten at Sangster Elementary School.

Dr Carolyn Crippen Sedin Brothers jpg

Dr. Carolyn Crippen, Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, conducted a case study of two elite Vancouver Canuck hockey players, Daniel and Henrik Sedin, in her research on the existence of the servant-leadership philosophy in sport.

Dr Tim Black Veterns jpg

Dr. Tim Black, a researcher in the Faculty of Education, investigates the experiences and challenges facing members of the Canadian military community as they transition from military to civilian life. He has worked directly with veterans to learn their experiences as well as examined public perceptions of struggles faced by veterans in transition.

Dr. Jillian Roberts

Dr. Jillian Roberts is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Victoria. She has special interests in adoption and the educational needs of children with complex medical conditions. Her current research includes multimedia applications in educational psychology and children’s sexual education.

Dr. Hundza and Dr. Klimstra

Dr. Hundza and Dr. Klimstra have created the state of the art Motion and Mobility Rehabilitation Lab that employs neurophysiological, biomechanical and functional mobility measures. They study the neuromechanical control of walking, posture and balance. This research will be instrumental in developing and enhancing the detection and prevention of fall risk and mobility decline, as well as rehabilitation strategies to promote functional mobility.

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