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International students

An international student is pictured in Finnerty Gardens, smiling, wearing a dark red dress and their graduation cap.
An international student pictured in UVic Finnerty Gardens on graduation day.

UVic international student resources

Our academic and research activities make a vital impact worldwide. 17 percent of UVic’s student body is international, represented by 110 countries around the world.

Once you’re admitted to UVic, the International Centre for Students team can support you before you arrive and help you get settled in Victoria. We also support international students visiting UVic from other institutions.

Kerry Robertson, Ali and Rylee Zondervan are pictured together during the 2023 Faculty of Education award ceremony.

Undergraduate students

Experience life as a student in Canada! We are excited to welcome you to our vibrant undergraduate community.

Two graduate students in the Faculty of Education, Nabila and Yiman.

Graduate students

Join our esteemed graduate student community! Over 20% of our graduate students are from outside Canada.

Iranian student mental health bulletins

Iran has recently experienced significant social and political transformations, evoking a mix of emotions. For some, especially those contending with immigration challenges, the impact has been even more profound. That's why these Iranian students put together these handouts to support Iranian students and to boost the mental health within our community. 

To learn more about this project, please email Catherine McGregor.