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UVic Communications + Marketing
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 2Y2

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UVic Communications + Marketing
University of Victoria
David Turpin Building, room B345
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria BC V8P 5C2

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Phone: 250-721-6274
Fax: 250-721-8955

Directory listing for Communications and Marketing

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office Enquiries 250-721-7636
Executive Director Bruce Kilpatrick 250-721-7638 SED C152
Assistant to the Executive Director Aby Tannas 250-721-7639 SED C149

Creative Development

Manager, Creative Development Jolene Lowey 250-853-3153 DTB B365
Graphic Designer Melanie Carter 250-721-6264 DTB B365
Graphic Designer Susan Fergusson 250-721-8300 DTB B365
Marketing & Promotions Officer Lauren Heppell 250-721-6579 SED C166
Graphic Designer Julena Lovegrove 250-721-6262 DTB B365
Graphic Designer Kathryn Mullis 250-472-5015 DTB B365

Internal Communications

Manager, Internal Communications and Ring Editor Marc Christensen 250-721-6022 SED
Speakers Bureau Coordinator Mandy Crocker 250-721-8587 SED C148a
Stakeholder Communications Officer Melanie Groves 250-472-4357 SED C163

Internet Strategies

Manager, University Internet Strategies Robin Sutherland 250-721-6249 SED C140
Video Production and Web Design Coordinator Beth Doman 250-721-6245 SED C145
News & Social Narrative Coordinator Lindsay Gagel 250-853-3859 SED C167
Interactions Designer Amos Rowsell 250-853-3969 SED C142
Information Architect Len Collins 250-472-4993 SED C164
Web Coordinator Erin King 250-472-4886 SED C144
Social Media Coordinator Jes Scott 250-721-6342 SED C138
Web Writer Cathie Walker 250-853-3804 SED C141
Project Management Officer Cara Segger 250-721-7828 SED C164
Internet Strategies Assistant Heather Warren 250-853-3860 SED C149

Media Relations & Public Affairs

Director, Media Relations & Public Affairs Denise Helm 250-721-7656 SED 153
Associate Manager, Media Relations & Public Affairs Paul Marck 250-721-6246 SED C158
Media Relations & Public Affairs Assistant Tina Hoang 250-721-7636 SED C149
Communications Officer Suzanne Ahearne 250-721-6139 SED C160
Communications Officer Tara Sharpe 250-721-6248 SED C157
Research Communications Officer Jennifer Kwan 250-721-7641 SED C156

Strategic Marketing

Manager, Strategic Marketing Nick Clewley 250-721-8843 DTB B345
Reception & Administrative Support Carole Richter 250-721-8281 DTB B345
Marketing Officer Tamara Clarke 721-625-7 SED C159
Marketing and Digital Signage Coordinator Alicia Kaiser 250-721-6274 SED C161
Photographer Louise Major
Senior Photographer Gregory Miller DTB B359
Marketing Production Manager Christine Howard 250-721-6263 DTB B365

Edge Department/Unit Implementation Team

Manager, Edge Department/Unit Implementation Team Christina Harris 250-472-5740 SED C123
Marketing and Creative Officer, Special Projects Danika Gagnon 250-472-5891 SED C121
Project Photographer & Videographer Mike Morash 250-580-6160 DTB B359

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University of Victoria

2 hours ago

English Language Centre at UVic collaborates with a Mexican program that sponsors women from Indigenous communities to study languages abroad. UVic has welcomed 30 students from this program since 2016. "As part of their activities, I led an arts-based tour of UVic where they learned about traditional and contemporary Indigenous artists while visiting various places on campus. The women were able to appreciate commonalities and differences between Indigenous art from Mexico and Canada in art forms and expressions but as significantly, we discussed the importance of having Indigenous people represented and present on campus as a demonstration of our shared responsibility to building better futures." UVic's Carmen Rodriguez de France

ELC and education department in Mexico...
Cultural exchange is a core component of the program at UVic's English Language Centre. A simple request for "something more"--suggested by the...
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University of Victoria

4 hours ago

Students in Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences: thinking of taking courses back home over the summer and transferring them back to UVic? Don't forget to get a Letter of Permission first! Come to the Academic Advising Centre for more information.

Forms - University of Victoria
Dynamic, hands-on learning; research that makes a vital impact; and discovery and innovation in Canada's most extraordinary academic environment pr...

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