Statement about encampment on the UVic campus

Statement from Kristi Simpson, VP Finance & Operations

As the member of the university executive responsible for Campus Security, I would like to provide an update and clarity to the university community regarding the use of CCTV cameras.

As has been shared in updates to the community from the President, the university does not have a CCTV camera installed on the McPherson Library.

As part of prudent planning—and within their efforts to support the safety and security of the university community—Campus Security has explored many options, including the use of CCTV.  Part of this exploration was to survey possible locations for a CCTV in advance of any request for a decision to be made by President Hall and the executive of the university.

Images you may see online or in the media could have been taken as this exploration was being conducted. For a short period of time on May 8, a camera was placed on the roof of the McPherson Library solely for the purpose of checking feasibility. It was never enabled or actively used. President Hall and the executive were not aware that a camera was ever on the roof of the library.

When presented with the option to employ CCTV, President Hall and the executive were very clear that a CCTV camera should not be installed or used to monitor the encampment.

Our Campus Security team has been providing professional support to all members of the university community. They are charged with making recommendations for consideration by executive, that they believe will best enable us to continue to be calm and measured in addressing the encampment at the university.

I acknowledge the confusion and uncertainty that has occurred. Our approach has been to provide the university community with clarity, and with accurate and timely information. I apologize for our failure to do so in this case.  We recognize that our internal communications need to improve to avoid miscommunications like this in the future.

We take the privacy of our community seriously. We are committed to communicating to our community ahead of any installation of CCTV cameras to monitor the Quad.

I want to end, as President Hall has, by reminding everyone to treat each other with respect, patience and empathy. We are all doing our best during difficult times, and we are grateful for your patience and understanding. 

Kristi Simpson
Vice President Finance and Operations

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Concerns & frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We've heard many questions and concerns from our community since the encampment was established on May 1. We have developed a series of FAQs and will continue to add to these as necessary. 

Please reach out to for:

  • questions or concerns about how this encampment might impact you
  • additional questions not listed in the FAQs

Supports for all

  • If you feel you have experienced personal harassment or discrimination, please contact the Equity and Human Rights office.
  • Campus Security: or 250-721-7599
  • The Multifaith Centre is a space on campus open and available to all students, staff and faculty. Our team includes Anglican, Bahà'í, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Christian Science, Jewish, Lutheran, Muslim, Presbyterian, Unitarian and United representatives.


Download a list of student resources and supports 

  • SupportConnect is a confidential mental health support service available free of cost to UVic students. Through this resource, you can be connected with qualified counsellors, consultants and life coaches anytime, anywhere.
  • Toll-free (calls from North America): 1-844-773-1427
  • International collect calls: 1-250-999-7621
  • Student Wellness Centre offers holistic wellness support for UVic students, including mental health and spiritual care
    • Students can connect one-on-one with a spiritual care provider. Please call us at 250-721-8338 or email us to book an appointment.  
  • Find information on seeking an academic concession or speak with your instructor. 

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