Employee Housing Survey

Our Employee Housing Survey was active from October 3rd – 23rd 2022 and was open to all university employees. The survey is now closed. Thank you to all who were able to participate!

Project Scope



Housing has become an increasingly challenging issue in Victoria, BC and all across Canada.

Through the Campus Plan consultation process, issues relating to housing availability and costs were identified as high priorities for both UVic employees and students. The vibrancy of our campus community, as well as recruitment and retention of employees are dependent on stable housing.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in rapid housing cost increases and very low availability for both rental and ownership housing. Victoria’s tight housing market can be a barrier to employees from other parts of the province, country, and world. The Employee Housing Survey will help the university better understand the needs of our employees so we can find ways to better support them in coming to Victoria – and staying here.

This is the University of Victoria’s first employee housing survey. Other universities across Canada, including UBC, conduct similar studies.

Project Process & Timeline 

Timeline for Employee Housing Survey

Expected Outcomes

Results of the study will be shared with the university Executive and Board of Governors. The study will inform the university’s existing housing programs and explore the potential for new programs to address employee housing challenges. The study will also help inform next steps in campus planning, including whether employee housing on campus or on other university land holdings should be considered in the future. An engagement summary report will be shared via the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability.