Sustainability policy

Taking the necessary steps towards a sustainable future.

Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 

The University of Victoria is committed to global leadership in environmental, social and institutional sustainability. We are currently working on developing UVic's first Climate and Sustainability Action Plan (CSAP) that will respond to urgent global calls for action. This new plan will guide UVic’s integrated sustainability practices in every domain while respecting and valuing Indigenous ways of knowing and being. 

Launching in summer 2022, it will provide an integrated approach to striving for climate solutions and guiding UVic’s sustainability practices in every domain.  

For more information on the CSAP planning, community engagement, and timeline, visit the Climate & Sustainability Action Plan page.

Sustainability Action Plans


The Sustainability Action Plans are UVic's multi-year frameworks used to address environmental, social, and institutional sustainability on campus and within the UVic community. Each plan defines goals, strategies and actions for different areas of sustainability. 

Read more in the Sustainability Action Plan: Campus Operations 2020-2021. 

Guiding plans and policies

The plans and policies listed below are additional resources explaining ways in which UVic integrates social, environmental, and institutional responsibilities. 

To learn more about UVic's plans, visit the University Plans page