Psychology streams

As of May 2015, the psychology curriculum is divided into four streams of courses. A stream is a specialization. Think about where you want to end up, and dive into the courses that will take you there. 

DISCLAIMER: Although we try to keep all information on our Departmental website current, the official record of the Psychology Streams are always found within the Course Calendar. (

Which stream should I take?

  • In your final undergraduate year, would you like to get hands-on experience working with individuals challenged with physical, cognitive, and/or emotional problems? Dive into the mental health and wellbeing stream.
  • If you aspire to study topics such psychology and law, self-regulation, and interpersonal relationships, pursue the social psychology stream.
  • Want to take an advanced seminar exploring what psychological science knows about aging? Take the appropriate classes in the lifespan stream.
  • Interested in a 400-level seminar on cognitive neuroscience? Wade into the 300-level courses in the mind and brain stream.

Start with a gateway course

Each stream starts with its own 200-level gateway course. These courses give every UVic psych major a solid foundation in four important areas of psychology. If you plan to major in psychology you’ll need to take all four gateway courses.

In each stream, the 200-level gateway course is a pre-requisite for several 300-level courses, which in turn are pre-requisites for several 400-level courses.

Seminar courses

Every psychology major has to pass at least one 400-level seminar-style course to complete their degree. (Honours students must pass three.)

Seminar courses won't qualify you as an expert, but they'll give you a better idea of whether you want to pursue qualification in that area. They might also provide an advantage when seeking post-baccalaureate training in that area.

Plan your program so you'll end up completing the 400-level course or courses that most interest you and fit with your longer-term goals.

Adjustments to degree requirements

There have been some adjustments to degree requirements for students with second—or later—year standing as of May 2015. To learn about the adjustments, contact academic advising.