Program requirements

UVic student Patrick Dwyer on a computer
At UVic, students like Patrick Dwyer are key contributors to our vibrant research community. "As someone with Autism who has studied psychology, I can in some ways be a bridge between my experiences and the research that is going on in places like UVic."

Students at UVic can earn a variety of different degrees involving psychology. By far the most popular route is to earn a Major in Psychology, either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. There is also a popular combined BSc degree in Biology and Psychology, as well as a combined BSc degree in Computer Science and Psychology. The worksheets below spell out the requirements for these degrees.

There have been some adjustments to degree requirements for students with second—or later—year standing as of May 2015. To learn about the adjustments, please contact academic advising.

It is also possible to earn an Honours of these degrees.