Other faculty

Cross-listed faculty

Name Research Interests Contact
Dr. Jeff Corntassel,
Cross-listed Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies Program
Global Indigenous rights; Indigenous political mobilization/self-determination movements

Dr. Colin MacLeod,
Cross-listed Professor,
Contemporary political philosophy; ethics; philosophy of law
Office: CLE B328
Phone: 250-721-7521
Dr. Laura Parisi,
Cross-listed Associate Professor,
Gender Studies
Globalization and resistance; gender and international human rights; gender and international development
Office: CLE B119
Phone: 250-472-4277
Dr. Michael Prince,
Cross-listed Lansdowne Professor,
Studies in Policies and Practices
Trends in social policy; federal-provincial relations; aboriginal governance; policy making in disability politics; policy issues.
Office: HSD B234
Phone: 250-721-8043
Dr. Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark
Cross-listed Associate Professor,
Indigenous Governance Program
Indigenous comparative politics; Indigenous diplomacy and treaty relations; Indigenous law and governance; US/Canadian Indigenous law and policy Office: TBD
Phone: TBD

Adjunct professors

Name Research Interests Contact
Dr. Janni Aragon,
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Gender and politics, U.S. politics, feminist theory

Adjunct Professor
Socio-cultural anthropology; North America; political and legal anthropology

Dr. Derek Fraser,
Adjunct Professor
Ukranian politics; Eastern European relations and diplomacy

Dr. Joyce Green
Adjunct Professor
Decolonization; Indigenous state relations; Indigenous feminism

Dr. Reg Whitaker,
Adjunct Professor
Canadian politics; Canadian security issues