Dr. Janni Aragon

Dr. Janni Aragon
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Political Science
Office: DTB B216

PhD (2003) (California)

Area of expertise

Gender and politics, U.S. politics, feminist theory

Dr. Janni Aragon (BA/MA San Diego State University, MA/PhD UC Riverside) is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Political Science at the University of Victoria. She has taught courses on American Politics, Political Theory, Gender and Politics, Feminist Theory, Gender and International Relations, Model United Nations Simulation, Internship in Political Science, as well as numerous Women's Studies courses at the University of Victoria and San Diego State University. Her research interests include: Gender and Politics, American Politics, Women and Technology, Third Wave Feminisms, Social Movements, and Transnational Feminism. She has been published in New Political Science, Women's Studies Quarterly, and the International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics. She is currently working on a project focused on pedagogy, popular culture, and technology entitled, "Feminist Pedagogical Border Crossing: Using Popular Culture to Teach Globalization to the 'Net Gen.'"

Dr. Aragon was the 2011-13 Chair of the Academic Women’s Caucus at UVic. In this capacity, Aragon represented all women faculty and librarians at all equity, diversity, and human rights meetings. She also sat on the Senate in the Learning and Teaching Committee. She served as the 2010-11 President of the Caucus for Women and Gender Justice for the Western Political Science Association (WPSA). She has served as the Chair of the Gender and Politics section and Teaching, Research, and Professional Development section of regional political science associations. Dr. Aragon and Dr. Kathleen Jones co-coordinated the Feminist Theory Conference at the WPSA in 2009.

You can find Dr. Aragon on Twitter via @janniaragon. In 2012 she won a West Coast Social Media Award: Best Use of Twitter. She was also nominated in other categories: Most Inspiring and Community Builder.

  • Gender and politics
  • Feminist theory
  • American politics
  • Pedagogy
  • Women and technology
  • Youth politics
  • Popular culture
  • POLI 103: The Worlds of Politics
  • POLI 323: Politics, Parties and the 2012 Presidential Election: All a Twitter
  • POLI 313B: American Public Policy
  • POLI 328: Gender and International Relations
  • POLI 335: Gender and Politics
  • POLI 413: Issues in Politics - Feminist Theory
  • POLI 422: Youth Politics
  • POLI 433: Issues in Politics - Politics and Popular Culture
  • POLI 433: Narratives of Gender
  • TS 300: Networking, New Media and Social Practices

Dr. Aragon is currently working on an introductory Women's Studies book with Dr. Annalee Lepp and Dr. Heather Tapley.

She is also working on another project that examines pedagogy, politics, and popular culture.

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  • 1997 New Political Science Fall, "To Boldly Go (Where No Man Has Gone Before): Women, Representation and Identity Politics in Cyberspace," co-authored with Anna Sampaio.

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