Alumni video series

Meet four of our alumni and learn more about how their studies in Political Science at UVic have influenced their career paths. Some of the questions we asked are:

  • Why did you choose to do a degree in Political Science?
  • How has your degree shaped your career path?
  • How have you applied what you learned at UVic to your current work?

These videos were produced and edited by Cate White, a 3rd-year Honours student in Political Science at the time. Cate was assisted by Dr. Sarah Wiebe (UVic MA, '08), and Sarah Tarnopolsky, former Alumni Coordinator for the Faculty of Social Science. For more information about these videos, contact Rosemary Barlow,

Jennifer Bunning
BA '11

Jennifer Bunning Youtube link

Daniel Palmer
BA '10

Daniel Palmer Youtube link

Evan Pivnick
BA '13

Evan Pivnick Youtube link

Jay Schlosar
BA '00, MA '04

Jay Schlosar Youtube link