Graduate research

Geography Master's student Jordan Eamer talks about his research on ice sheets, changing sea levels, and dramatic floods to understand how people migrated down the coast over the past 15,000 years.

Graduate publications

An indication of student and program quality is the large number of papers published by our graduate students in peer-reviewed journals.

Although publications from Doctoral dissertations are not unusual, a significant number of our Master's students, in collaboration with their advisors, undertake research of sufficient calibre to be published in peer-reviewed journals, some of which are top-tier international venues.

* indicates Masters
+ indicates PhD


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UVic Library Dissertation and Thesis Database
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  • Abbott, Clint, MBA (2004)
    Exploring Energy Poverty Perspectives in Senegal: The Applicability of Scenarios
  • Allen, Sandra, MSc (2006)
    Late Holocene Glacial Activity of Bridge Glacier, British Columbia Coast Mountains
  • Ayers, Cheri, MSc (Int) (2005)
    Marine Conservation from a First Nations' Perspective: A Case Study of the Principles of the Hul'qumi'num of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • Bajard, Anne-Catherine, MA (2009)
    Indigenous Peoples in Action Beyond the State: The Lowlands of Bolivia, 1982-2002
  • Baird, Ian G., MA (2003)
    Dipterocarpus Wood Resin Tenure, Management and Trade: Practices of the Brao in Northeast Cambodia (CD)
  • Barroso, Gilberto, PhD (2004)
    Development of an Evaluation Framework for Sustainable Bivalve Aquaculture: A Strategic Plan Approach in Espirito Santo, Brazil
  • Bennett, Katrina, MSc (2006)
    Regional Hydrologic Controls on Acid Sensitivity of Lakes in Boreal Canada: An Isotopic Perspective
  • Biagioni, Karla, MA (2006)
    The Negative Impact of Abandoned Coal Mine Workings on Drinking Water Quality and the Health of Residents on Vancouver Island
  • Blake, Analisa, MA (2006)
    Harvesting Health: Exploring the Health Promoting Benefits of a Backyard Sharing Project for Vulnerable Populations
  • Brelsford, Karen, MSc (2004)
    Dendroarchaeological and Contextual Investigations of Remote Log Structures in Jasper, Banff and Kootenay National Parks, Canada
  • Bruce, Deirdre, MSc (2008)
    Production and Quality of Sap from Big Leaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum Marsh) on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
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    Surface Chlorophyll Distributions in the Upper Gulf of Thailand Investigated Using Satellite Imagery and Ecosystem Model
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    Social Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change Impacts: Identifying Indicators in Two Remote Coastal Communities on Haida Gwaii, British Columbia
  • Corbett, Jonathan M., PhD (2003)
    Empowering Technologies? Developing Participatory Geographic Information and Multimedia Systems in Two Indonesian Communities
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    Beach-dune Morphodynamics and Climatic Variability in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, British Columbia, Canada
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    Staying the Course: Resisting Change in A Planned Middle-Class Neighbourhood
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    Mires of Vancouver Island, British Columbia: Vegetation Classification and Differences Between Disturbed and Undisturbed Mires
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    An Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Patterns and Driving Hydroclimatic Controls of Break-up and Ice Jam Flooding in the Mackenzie Delta, NWT
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    Incorporating Stakeholder Preferences, Attitudes, and Use Patterns into Marin Protected Area Planning: A Case Study of Recreational Boating in the Southern Gulf Islands, British Columbia
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    Governance of Private Protected Areas in Canada: Advancing the Public Interest?
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    A Dendrochronological Investigation of Paraglacial Activity and Streamflow in the Vicinity of the Homathko Icefield, British Columbia Coast Mountains, Canada
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    Home Beyond the House: Later Life Experiences of Place in a Small Community
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    Modeling Habitat Use of Young-of-the-Year Pacific Sand Lance (Ammodytes hexapterus) in the Nearshore Region of Barkley Sound, British Columbia
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    Modeling Residential Fine Particulate Matter Infiltration: Implications For Exposure Assessment
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    Snow Ablation Processes and Associated Atmospheric Conditions in a High-Elevation Semi-Desert Basin of Western Canada
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    A Dendroclimatic Investigation of Moisture Variability and Drought in the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
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    Snow Avalanche Impact Landform Geomorphology in the Southern Canadian Cordillera
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    Fire, Seasonally Dry Evergreen Forest and Conservation, Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand
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    Hazardous Legacy: Urban Grey Zones and Vancouver's False Creek Redevelopment
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    Nearshore Oceanography and Planktonic Prey (Family Porcellanidae) of Gray Whales, Eschrichtius robustus, in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia
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    Late Holocene Glacial History of Manatee Valley, Upper Lillooet Provincial Park, Southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia
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    Remote Sensing Chlorophyll-A in the Strait of Georgia
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    Fine-scale Circulation as a Component of Gray Whale (Eschrichtius robustus) Habitat in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia (CD)
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    A Systematic Approach for Using Lidar Intensity to Detect Forest Structure
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    Spatial Modelling of Woodsmoke Concentrations and Health Risk Resulting from Residential Wood Burning
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    Quantifying Change in the Spatial Pattern of Forests: Assessing Impacts of Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation and Harvest
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    Optical Properties of the Waters of the Strait of Georgia, BC, Canada
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    Exploration of MARXAN for Utility in Marine Protected Area Zoning
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    ExPAND Expanding Primary Attributes for National Decision Making
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    Building Small-Scale Fisheries into Marine Park Zoning Plans: A Case Study of Ko Chang Marine National Park, Thailand
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    Modifying a Local Measure of Spatial Association to Account for Non-Stationary Spatial Processes
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    Use and Protection of the Gulf Islands Marine Environment: Residents' Attitudes, Perceptions and Values
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    Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Conifer Biochemistry in the Greater Victoria Watershed District, British Columbia
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    Ecological and Social Response of the Coral Reefs of Mu Koh Surin Marine National Park, Thailand, and Phuket's Diving Industry to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
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    The Current State and Future Prospects of Whale-Watching Management, with Special Emphasis on Whale-Watching in British Columbia, Canada
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    Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis to Support Maritime Search and Rescue Planning
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    A Multi-Scale Analysis of Habitat Use by Gray Whales (Eschrichtius robustus) in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia, 1977-99
  • Mesquita, Patricia, MSc (2008)
    Effects of Retrogressive Permafrost Thaw Slumping on Benthic Macrophyte and Invertebrate Communities of Upland Tundra Lakes
  • Miller, Jason, MA (2004)
    Geographic Information Literacy in British Columbia's K-12 Education Curriculum
  • Miller, Paul, PhD (2005)
    Development, Environment and Shrimp Aquaculture: The Emerging Challenge of Inland Low-Salinity Shrimp Culture in Thailand
  • Moore, Michele-Lee, MSc (2003)
    Effectiveness of a Commercial Probiotic for Water and Sludge Management on an Inland Shrimp Aquaculture Farm in Thailand
  • Mots, Timothy, PhD (2008)
    Spatial Analysis of Residential Break and Enter
  • O'Brien, Erin, MSc (2007)
    Carrying Capacity for Sustainable Tourism Development: Tofino, British Columbia, Canada
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    Towards the Design of Spatial Decision support for Stakehold-Driven Collaborative Land Valuation in Non-Urban Areas
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    Gray Whales (Eschrichtius robustus) and Mysids (Family Mysidae): the Predator Prey Relationship and a New Approach to Prey Quantification in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia
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