How to Apply


Program start date:  Apply before:

January 15

General Requirements

The admission requirement for our program is a B+ average (upper second class or 6.00/9.00 on the UVic scale) from a recognized undergraduate university or college institution. GRE scores are not required. See the "Minimums from other countries" section on the International applicant information page for minimum GPA requirements from other countries.

If English is not your first language or was not the language of instruction for a recent degree, you will be required to provide proof of your proficiency in English.

When you submit your application to UVic Graduate Admissions (see Steps for Applying below), your application must be approved by the following three units in order for you to be admitted to our program:

  1. UVic Graduate Admissions must approve your basic eligibility.
  2. The Department of Geography Graduate Affairs Committee must approve your admissibility to our program.
  3. An eligible faculty member must agree to supervise you.

Steps for Applying

  1. Identify and contact a potential supervisor.
    • Identify a faculty member on our list who has similar or related research interests to yours. Look at their profile. Read a couple of their publications to understand more about their interests. 
    • E-mail the faculty member to introduce yourself. Mention which program you are interested in (MA, MSc, or PhD) and give a short but detailed description of your research interests and background. Mention why you are interested in working with that person specifically. 
    • The availability of individual faculty members to take on new graduate students varies from year to year, so we suggest having backup options in place. If no faculty members are available to take on a new student, then the student's application will not be approved.
    • If you secure commitment from a potential supervisor, proceed with applying. 
  2. Read through UVic Graduate Studies information about admissions and applying.
  3. Complete UVic’s online application and pay the application fee.
  4. Upload the required documents or information to your applicant profile:
    • Statement of research interest: a brief statement (maximum 1 page) about your academic background (undergraduate and graduate studies) and the specific area of research you want to study for a graduate degree. Outline why you would like to study at UVic and why you wish to work with your potential supervisor.
    • Unofficial transcripts from all institutions you have attended
    • Your up-to-date CV
    • The names and emails of two referees who will be contacted after you submit your application to complete assessment reports (letters of reference). These referees should be familiar with your academic work.
    • Proof of English proficiency, if applicable

Application materials should be submitted through UVic's online application website. For general inquiries regarding the submission of application materials, contact the Graduate Admissions and Records Office at or 250-472-4657.

For questions about the Department of Geography’s specific requirements, please contact our Graduate Program Assistant at or 250-721-7350.