Galiano Island field course info session

Join Eric Higgs for an information session on Friday February 20th, 12:00-1:00 David Turpin Building room B255.

Teaming up with the community-based Galiano Conservancy Association, we will study, work and live at the new and remarkable Learning Centre, a 78 hectare oceanfront property on Galiano Island. The focus is on regenerative and restorative designs for ecological and social resilience. Skills and concepts will be honed through real world fieldwork.

Field costs (all inclusive except travel to and from Galiano) estimated at $600. Lorene Kennedy field course awards to significantly offset field costs will be available for qualified ES majors and RNS students.
Space is limited to 16 students. Participion is by application, which will be reviewed starting on Friday March 6th. For additional information, including application details, please see