Book Announcement: Jeremy Caradonna, author

One Level at a Time: Transitioning to Organic Vegetable Production is now available via the Canadian Organic Growers (COG).

This handbook is rooted in interviews conducted by Jeremy Caradonna with farmers across Canada in 2017, along with years of additional research. It's the first book of its kind. It uses Gliessman's theory of 'levels of transition' to chart a path for vegetable producers away from conventional and toward certified organic production.  It is based on the experience of Canadian growers, but the Canada-specific content has been placed in shaded text boxes, meaning that this resource is still applicable to growers in the US, EU, Australia, and elsewhere.

The target audience is farmers looking to move from conventional to organic production. The book includes chapters on the risks, obstacles, benefits, and rewards of transition, marketing organic products, the organic standards, organic certification, soil and soil building, weed management, pest and disease management, nutrient management, and more.

It is the first book of its kind, as previous transition handbooks have focused exclusively (or almost exclusively) on field crops. The focus here is on diversified vegetable operations of all scales.

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