Group ENVI

Group ENVI celebrates graduate student life.

Toeing the line!


Waterpolo match with faculty and staff.

Group ENVI is the name of the School of Environmental Studies' (ES) graduate student body, which includes Master's and PhD students currently in the program. It was created in 2006 to get all of us hard working grad students out of our offices and enjoying time together. There are typically 1 to 2 Group ENVI Reps, whose responsibilities include attending school meetings on behalf of ES grad students, and providing organizational and financial support (from the GSS social & academic fund) for student-run events within the school. In the past couple of years, Group ENVI has held themes parties, documentary movie screenings, an ecology research derby, a clothing swap, R workshops, potlucks/socials, bike to work week, and inner-tube water polo tournaments.

A group ENVI haiku

Days in the office
Cross-eyed at the computer
Let's have a potluck