AGE - Anthropology Graduates' Exchange

The UVic Anthropology Graduates' Exchange (AGE) is organized and run entirely by anthropology graduate students at the University of Victoria.

Our purpose is to create a community and sense of collegiality among graduate students, organize social and academic events for incoming and returning graduate students, advocate for student space, and ensure that graduate students are visible and heard as part of the department of anthropology.

For more information, please contact the relevant board member or join our Facebook group:

Anthropology Graduate Exchange - AGE

September 2019

The first Anthropology Graduate Exchange - AGE meeting of the year was on September 18th and the 2019-2020 reps have been chosen. 

PhD Reps: C. William Campbell/Anu Lotay
MA Rep: Rae Dias
CUPE Rep: Robert Gustas
Platforum Editors: Rebecca Duerksen and Jenna Hendrick
Social Rep + Treasurer: Anu Lotay