Career possibilities

Marcus Merryfield in Penticton, BC
Co-op terms can give you real, hands-on experience and prepare you for a career in the field. Marcus Merryfield did a co-op placement with the National Research Council Canada in Penticton, BC.

What can I do with a degree in physics and astronomy?

Physics provides an excellent education for many careers. You’ll graduate with skills in problem solving, logic, mathematics, data management, computer skills and technical writing.

Our graduates continue on to study or work in many fields, including:

  • academia
  • aerospace
  • data science
  • earth & ocean science
  • energy technologies
  • environmental science
  • finance
  • government policy
  • industrial research & development
  • information technology
  • management consulting
  • medicine & health science
  • K-12 education
  • scientific computing

*Additional education and training may be required. For more information see the American Institute of Physics Career Resources and The Canadian Association of Physicists Careers for Physics graduates.

More information from UVic Co-op + Career Services (PDF)

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