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Discover all that UVic Physics and Astronomy has to offer.  We're happy to meet with you or hear from you whether you're a prospective undergraduate or graduate student!

Campus and department visits

The best way to experience UVic is by going on a campus tour.  While you are on campus, let us know if you want to:

  • attend one of our lectures
  • sit in on a laboratory
  • meet with some of our current undergraduate students
  • shadow one of our current graduate students
  • talk with one of our faculty members in a research area that interests you
  • get advice from one of our advisors

Just let our department Admin Officer know the date you will be on campus and what interests you!

Social media

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Department news and events


Learn about our facilities and expertise through:

  • weekly informative tours of our telescope facility
  • weekly talks on current topics in the field of physics and astronomy
  • latest news and announcements in our department