Pure mathematics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has a substantial number of researchers working in a variety of areas of Pure Mathematics, including operator theory, noncommutative geometry, dynamical systems and ergodic theory, number theory and topology. Several people work in more than one of these areas, developing subtle and deep interactions between the subjects. There are a number of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows working in pure mathematics. Graduate students enjoy close contact with faculty members.

The group in operator algebras and noncommutative geometry is among the strongest in Canada and Victoria is a recognized centre internationally. Researchers study links between operator algebras and number theory, dynamical systems, topology and index theory, and group theory. This group is the centre for a PIMS Collaborative Research Group in Operator Algebras and Noncommutative Geometry. During the period of concentration from 2009 to 2012, it has hosted a number of high profile international meetings as well as a summer school for graduate students which attracted students from all over the world. The group holds a regular operator theory seminar.

Dynamical systems and ergodic theory are another focal point of the group. These disciplines have substantial links with probability, information theory, number theory, geometry, scientific computation and mathematical physics. Researchers in the area are actively involved in exploring these fruitful interfaces. This discipline benefits from strong regional connections with researchers in dynamical systems and probability in the Pacific Northwest and hosts a regular dynamics seminar, often featuring researchers from outside Victoria.


NameContactResearch interests
Bose,  Chris
Office: DTB A517
Ergodic theory and dynamical systems.
Budney,  Ryan
Office: DTB A516
Geometry and topology.
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Eagle,  Christopher
Office: DTB A441
Mathematical logic and its applications
Emerson,  Heath
Office: DTB A447
Operator algebras, index theory, hyperbolic groups.
Laca,  Marcelo
Office: DTB A548
Operator algebras, semi-group crossed products, C*-dynamical Hecke C*-algebras.
Putnam,  Ian
Office: DTB A444
Operator algebras, dynamical systems.
Quas,  Anthony
Office: DTB A538
Ergodic theory and dynamical systems.
Ray,  Gourab
Office: DTB A440
Probability theory, Random planar geometry
Sourour,  Ahmed
Office: DTB A553
Functional analysis, operator theory, linear algebra.
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Professors emeritus

NameContactResearch interests
Leeming, David
Office: DTB A418a
Approximation theory, Euler and Bernoulli polynomials
Miller, Gary
Phillips, John
Office: DTB A546
Operator algebras, operator theory.
Srivastava, Hari M.
Office: DTB A448
Real and complex analysis, fractional calculus and its applications, integral equations and transforms, higher transcendental functions and their applications, q-Series and q-Polynomials, analytic number theory
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NameContactResearch interests
Currie, James
Dejean's conjecture, Abelian patterns.
Moody, Robert
Theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras, vertex operator representations, aperiodic order as manifested in quasicrystals.
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Postdoctoral fellows

Dos Santos Gonschorowski, Juliano
Office: DTB A454
Tanzi, Matteo
Office: DTB A453
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PhD students

Albayyadhi,  Maram
Office: DTB A555
Bruce,  Chris
Office: DTB-A527
Buric,  Dina
Office: DTB A455
Duwenig,  Anna
Office: DTB A455
Emerson, Laca
Haslehurst,  Mitchell
Office: DTB A455
Horan,  Joseph
Office: DTB A554
Bose, Quas
Piraino,  Mark
Office: DTB A534
Bose, Quas
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Master's students

Acar,  Nazim
Office: DTB A557
Alamoudi,  Majed
Office: DTB A557
Churchill,  Samuel
Office: DTB A434
Hudson,  Dan
Office: DTB A434
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