Biostatistics Research Group

Biostatistics Research Group

The Biostatistics Research Group was established in April 1, 2017 as one of the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute(CANSSI) Health Sciences Collaborating Centre (HSCC)These HSCCs will facilitate research collaborations between health scientists and statistical scientists, offer training programs and initiate projects on emerging health issues.


Dr. Mary Lesperance is the Head of the Biostatistics Research Group which also includes Dr. Laura Cowen, Dr. Farouk Nathoo and Dr. Xuekui Zhang.

Training of Highly Qualified Personnel

The Biostatistics Research Group offers four $2500 subsidies towards a graduate co-op placement at any local health science institution.

Master's of Science student in statistics Sophia Zheng and her supervisor Geoff Homer

Master's of Science student in statistics Sophia Zheng with her supervisor Geoff Homer during her co-op position at the BC Ministry of Health, Health Sector Information, Analysis and Reporting, Jan. - Apr. 2018.

Sophia's co-op report summary (PDF).



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