CHEM 560

Intermolecular interactions and molecular recognition

Instructor:  Tom Fyles

Content: The module will cover the basics of intermolecular interactions as they underpin molecular recognition from small molecules to biomolecules.  The focus will be on energetics and the role of solvation. It is designed to provide introductory coverage for students planning on taking Chem 537 or modules related to dynamic processes in supramolecular systems.


  1. Survey of intermolecular and solvent-solute interactions; energetics, geometric dependence, kinetics
  2. Survey of small molecule molecular recognition; qualitative evaluation of factors; thermodynamics of molecular recognition and quantitative evaluations
  3. Biomolecular recognition in biopolymers, assemblies, and biopolymer-small molecule interactions; structural and thermodynamic evidence

Delivery: Five 75 min lectures; two 75 min tutorial problem sessions.

Assessment: Short paper on the analysis of a thermodynamic dataset.  Written critical analysis of a paper reporting molecular recognition data either of a designed system or biomolecules.

Schedule: tbd