Teaching Assistant/Lab Instructor positions available for Fall 2019

The number of positions is subject to enrollment and/or course cancellation.

BIOL 184: Evolution and Biodiversity

BIOL 215: Ecology

BIOL 225: Principles of Cell Biology

BIOL 311/EOS 311: Biological Oceanography

BIOL 321: Survey of Invertebrates

BIOL 326: Genetics of Model Plants

BIOL 345: Animal Behaviour

BIOL 365: Animal Physiology

BIOL 448: Neuroethology


BIOL 184: Scientific Assistant Technical Support - Paid by timesheet; approximately 50 hours/term.


The closing date for applications is Sunday, July 07, 2019 or until all positions are filled.

Please complete the CUPE4163 application form.

Applications and current curriculum vitae are to be sent to Janice Gough, Administrative Officer, Department of Biology bioadmin@uvic.ca.