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Matthew Adeleye


Dr. Terri Lacourse

Wed, OCT 24
10:00 AM
 BWC A319

A Multi-proxy Paleoecological Study of Anderson Fen, Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Danielle Claar


Dr. Julia Baum


Coral Symbioses Under Stress: Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Coral-Symbiodinium Interactions

2018 Summer

  • Juan Aldana(PhD, Drs. Barbara Hawkins & John Russell) Resistance mechanisms to Didymascella thujina  (Durand) Maire in Thuja plicata  Donn ex D. Don, Thuja standishii  (Gord.)  Carr.  and Thuja standishii × plicata   
  • Nova Hanson(MSc, Dr. Louise Page) Developmental modularity in the adult feeding structures of the predatory gastropod, Amphissa columbiana (Neogastropoda; Columbellidae)
  • Lucianne Marshall(MSc, Dr. Diana Varela) Progression of Marine Phytoplankton Blooms and Environmental Dynamics from Sea- Ice Coverage to Open Waters in the coastal Arctic: Comparing experimental data with continuous cabled observations
  • Jillian McAllister(MSc, Dr. Patrick Gregory) Natural History of Common Gartersnakes (Thamnophis sirtalis) in East-Central British Columbia

2018 Spring

  • Kyle Beer(MSc, Dr. Terri Lacourse) Holocene Ecosystem Dynamics of a Central Vancouver Island Wetland: Development, Vegetation Change, and Carbon Accumulation
  • Mauricio Carrasquilla(PhD, Dr. Francis Juanes) Ecological importance of nearshore habitats to sustain small-scale fisheries
  • Graeme Keais(MSc, Dr. Steve Perlman) X Chromosome Drive in Drosophila testacea
  • Anastasia Litke(MSc, Dr. Bob Chow) Investigating the pathogenicity of missense mutations in VSX1 and their association with corneal dystrophies
  • Amanda McLaughlin(PhD, Dr. John Taylor) Na+ channels enhance low contrast signalling in the superior-coding direction-selective circuit
  • David Minkley(MSc, Dr. Ben Koop) Transposable Elements in the Salmonid Genome
  • Michael Minkley(MSc, Drs. Raad Nashmi & Patrick Walter) Ironing out the Pathophysiology of Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation (NBIA) -  Clinical Investigations and Disease Modelling Yield Novel Evidence of Systemic Dysfunction and Provide a Robust and Accurate Disease Model of NBIA
  • Amy Teffer(PhD, Dr. Francis Juanes) Impacts of cumulative thermal and fishery stressors and infection development on the health and survival of adult Pacific salmon during freshwater residence

2017 Fall

  • Aaron Eger(MSc, Dr. Julia Baum) The role of predators and species diversity in structuring marine ecosystems
  • Cameron Freshwater(PhD, Drs. Francis Juanes & Marc Trudel) Ecological drivers of variation in juvenile sockeye salmon marine migrations
  • Eric Rondeau(PhD, Dr. Ben Koop) Conserved synteny in the genomes of teleost fish aids in the rapid development of genomic tools to query fundamental biological and evolutionary questions
  • Debra Wertman(Msc, Drs. Steve Perlman & Kathy Bleiker)The light at the end of the tunnel: Photosensitivity in developing mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae)

2017 Summer

  • Erin Hornell(MSc, Dr. Brad Anholt) Diet dependent sex ratios in Tigriopus californicus: Evidence for environmental sex determination in a system with polygenic sex determination
  • Ramnique Ubhi(MSc, Dr. Barbara Hawkins) Nitrogen Form Uptake Capacities by Arbuscular Mycorrhizae and Ectomycorrhizae
  • Di Wu(MSc, Dr. Robert Chow) The role of Hh signaling in mouse retinal bipolar cell subtype development

2017 Spring

  • Jasem Estakr(MSc, Dr. Raad Nashmi) Cholinergic neurotransmission in different subregions of the substantia nigra differentially controls DA neuronal excitability and locomotion
  • Jamie McDevitt-Irwin(MSc, Dr. Julia Baum) The unseen world of coral reefs: impact of local and global stressors on coral microbiome community structure
  • Angeleen Olson(MSc, Drs. Francis Juanes & Margot Hessing-Lewis) Seagrass meadows as seascape nurseries for rockfish (Sebastes spp.): habitat adjacency impacts on recruitment and food webs
  • James Robinson(PhD, Dr. Julia Baum) Disentangling human degradation from environmental constraints: macroecological insights into the structure of coral reef fish and benthic communities
  • Anne Shaffer(PhD, Dr. Francis Juanes) Nearshore Restoration Associated with Large Dam Removal and Implications for Ecosystem Recovery and Conservation of Northeast Pacific Fish: Lessons Learned from the Elwha Dam Removal

2016 Fall

  • Annette Alber(PhD, Drs. Juergen Ehlting & Daniele Werck)
    Phenolic 3-hydroxylases in land plants: biochemical diversity and molecular evolution
  • Daniel Durston(MSc, Dr. Rana El-Sabaawi)
    How the evolution of bony traits influences resource interactions in threespine stickleback
  • Laura Kennedy(MSc, Drs. Rana El-Sabaawi & Francis Juanes)
     Eelgrass habitat as near-shore foraging grounds for juvenile Pacific salmon
  • Giulia Rossi(MSc, Dr. Verena Tunnicliffe)
    The reproductive and physiological condition of a deep-sea mussel (Bathymodiolus septemdierum Hashimoto & Okutani 1994) living in extremely acidic conditions
  • Philip-Edouard Shay(PhD, Drs. Peter Constabel & John A. Trofymow)
    The effects of condensed tannins, nitrogen and climate on decay, nitrogen mineralisation and microbial communities in forest tree leaf litter

2016 Summer

  • Brenna Collicutt(MSc, Drs. Francis Juanes & Sarah Dudas)
    The anthropogenic influence of shellfish aquaculture and microplastics on juvenile Pacific salmon on the east coast of Vancouver Island
  • Aharon Fleury (MSc, Dr. Francis Juanes)
    Reproductive biology and ecology of Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii) and Black hagfish (Eptatretus deani) off the coast of Vancouver Island, BC
  • Eric Hertz (PhD, Dr. Asit Mazumder)
    The drivers and implications of spatial and temporal variation in the feeding ecology of juvenile Chinook Salmon
  • Alex Hoggarth (MSc, Dr. Gautam Awatramani)
    Multiple Layers of Inhibition in the Direction Coding Circuit in Mouse Retina
  • Jessica Holden (MSc, Dr. Francis Juanes)
    Beach-cast deposition, food provision, and commercial harvesting of a non-indigenous seaweed, Mazzaella japonica, in Baynes Sound, British Columbia
  • Thomas Iwanicki (MSc, Dr. John Taylor)
    The visual opsins of the starry flounder (Platichthys stellatus), a new model for studying the physiological and molecular basis of fish vision and light sensitivity
  • Kim Kennedy (MSc, Dr. Rana El-Sabaawi)
    Exotic vs. Native: Global and urban investigations of leaf litter decay in streams
  • Jillian Lemmen (MSc, Dr. Terri Lacourse)
    Using Fossil Midges from Saltspring Island, British Columbia to Infer Changes in Temperature Over the Last 14,000 Years
  • Mary Toews (MSc, Dr. Francis Juanes)
    Managing human footprint with respect to its effects on large mammals: Implications of spatial scale, divergent responses and ecological thresholds


2016 Spring

  • Jackson Chu (PhD, Dr. Verena Tunnicliffe)
    Influence of Seasonally Variable Hypoxia on Epibenthic Communities in a Coastal Ecosystem, British Columbia, Canada
  • Justin Suraci (PhD, Drs. Michael Clinchy & Brad Anholt)
    Fear in Wildlife Food Webs: Large Carnivore Predation Risk Mediates the Impacts of a Mammalian Mesopredator

2015 Fall

  • Robert Bourdon (MSc, Drs. Sarah Dudas & Francis Juanes)
    The interactions of fish communities and shellfish aquaculture in Baynes Sound, British Columbia
  • Geoffrey de Rosenroll (MSc, Dr. Kerry Delaney)
    Low-frequency Stimulation Inducible Long-term Potentiation at the Accessory Olfactory Bulb to Medial Amygdala Synapse of the American Bullfrog
  • Phineas (Finn) Hamilton (PhD, Dr. Steve Perlman)
    Defensive symbiosis in Drosophila: from multiple infections to mechanism of defense
  • Mark Hanson (MSc, Dr. Steve Perlman)
    Immune  evolution in the Immigrans-Tripunctata clade of Drosophila
  • Christina Hodson (MSc, Dr. Steve Perlman)
    Genomic conflict over reproduction in a booklouse (Psocodea: Liposcelis): consequences of a maternally transmitted reproductive manipulator on host ecology and genetics
  • Lisa Rodgers (MSc, Dr. Asit Mazumder)
    Synthesis of Water Quality Data and Modeling Non-Point Loading in Four Coastal B.C. Watersheds: Implications for Lake and Watershed Health and Management
  • Hannah Westlake (MSc, Dr. Louise Page)
    A Comparative Immunohistochemical Study of the Neuromuscular Organization of Haliclystus ‘sanjuanensis’ and Manania handi (Cnidaria: Staurozoa)
  • Rebecca Westley (MSc, Drs. Peter Constabel & Barbara Hawkins)
    Investigating potential physiological roles of condensed tannins in roots of Populus: Localization and distribution in relation to nutrient ion uptake

2015 Summer

  • Kathleen Donaleshen (MSc, Drs. Patrick von Aderkas & Juergen Ehlting)
    Interaction Between the Seed-Chalcid Wasp, Megastigmus spermotrophus and its Host, Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
  • Erika Dort (MSc, Dr. Will Hintz)
    Reprogramming the expression of the double-stranded RNA mitovirus OnuMV1c from the mitochondria to the cytoplasm in the fungal pathogen Ophiostoma novo-ulmi
  • Samuel Ferguson (MSc, Dr. Louise Page)
    Ontogenetic Correlation Between Muscle and Nervous System Novelties in a Neritimorph Gastropod
  • Marcos Lagunas (MSc, Dr. Diana Varela)
    Expression and Activity of the Enzyme Nitrate Reductase in the Marine Diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana: Light and Nutrient Effects
  • Jennifer Long (MSc, Dr. Diana Varela)
    Shining a Light on Silica Production in the Oceans: Using a Fluorescent Tracer to Measure Silica Deposition in Marine Diatoms
  • Geoffrey Morris (MSc, Dr. Francis Choy)
    Purification and Uptake Studies of Recombinant Human N-α-D-Acetylglucosaminidase from Sf9 Insect Cells
  • Alicia Rippington (MSc, Drs. Sarah Dudas & Louise Page)
    Effects of temperature, salinity and food stress on larval growth and development in Olympia oysters, Ostrea lurida

2015 Spring

  • Laura Braden (PhD, Dr. Ben Koop and Simon Jones)
    Investigating the Molecular Basis for Resistance of the Sea Louse, Lepseophtheirus Salmonis, among Salmonids
  • Russell Chedgy (PhD, Dr. Peter Constabel)
    The role of BAHD acyltransferases in poplar (Populus spp.) secondary metabolism and synthesis of salicinoid phenolic glycosides
  • Lu Guan (PhD,Dr. John Dower)
    Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Larval Fish Assemblages in the Strait of Georgia
  • Daniel Bevan (MSc, Dr. John Dower)
    Spatiotemporal Variability in Fatty Acid Profiles of the Copepod Calanus Marshallae off the West Coast of Vancouver Island