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Do I need to take the pre-requisites for . . .

Pre-requisites are there for a reason. Courses build upon knowledge learned in the pre-requisite courses. As such the department rarely waives a pre-requisit. Requests for a waiver are evaluated on an individual basis. To request a pre-requisite be waived, please fill out a pre-requisite waiver. However, BIOC 299, BIOC 300A and BIOC 300B pre-requisites will not be waived.

What is a 'level credit'?

Some of your courses may not have a counterpart at UVic or they may be missing a particular topic so the respective dept won't give you a specific transfer credit. So, for instance you may see MATH 10L instead of MATH 151 on your transfer credit evaluation.

I would like to know if all Year 1 science students take the same core courses, and then Year 1, you select which area you want to focus on. Or, if you must pick your focus area while applying for Year 1 undergrad studies, without being able to change.

The easiest way for you to figure out the differences between the first year programs is to look at the Uvic calendar. For example, in the Biochem program, notice that there are some differences in core courses, but if you use your electives wisely, then you can be all set for several possible programs.

What do I need to think about if I would like to take less than 5 courses per term?

A number of students, for various reasons, decide to take less than a normal 5 courses per term. If you don’t pay attention to which courses are prerequisites for others, you can find yourself being delayed even further. Here are some pointers that may help you decide the order to take courses if you want to take 4 courses per term with Biochemistry or Microbiology as your Major.

  • Elective courses are the easiest to switch around.
  • If you wish to delay core program courses, pick the ones that are not prerequisites for other courses. For example:
    • 1st year Physics courses are not prerequisites for other courses in these programs.
    • 2nd year STAT 255 is not a prerequisite for other courses in these programs.
    • 3rd year MICR 303 is not a prerequisite for other courses in these programs.
    • 4th year courses do not usually require other 4th year courses as prerequisites.

What courses can I take elsewhere?

Check out the BC Transfer Guide for BC institutes.  If you are thinking about taking courses elsewhere, you will need to submit a "Request for a Letter of Permission" through Academic Advising found in the University Centre, Room A203.

Which first year calculus is for me?

This website will help you decide that.

The calendar looks a little confusing at first, but it'll be an important part of sorting out all the courses you can take for your program.

More answers

Your Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) report allows you to track your academic progress; it lists your degree requirements and summarizes the progress based on your academic record. Here’s a FAQ page:


Before you can get a CAPP report, you must declare your program. Once you have determined your eligiblity requirements, program declaration is done online through your MyPage. Go to Student Services, then Grades & Records, then select Program Declaration or Change and follow the steps.

For answers to other common questions please visit Academic Advising.