Co-op program

LeDoux with an owl
"My experiences helping vulnerable animals in South Africa, helping an organization bring joy to families who have gone through some hardships, and working with a variety of people throughout my volunteer and co-op work terms have definitely all drawn me to medicine."

Stacey LeDoux travelled to Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa where she volunteered for FurKidz, an organization that supports local domestic animal shelters. Afterwards, she completed a co-op term at the Genome BC Proteomics Centre followed by an eight-month stint at STEMCELL Technologies in Vancouver. Read Stacey's story.

Co-operative education integrates classroom and work place learning. Students alternate academic terms on campus with relevant, paid, full time work experience.The Biochemistry and Microbiology Department Co-op program is run by , winner of the President's Distinguished Service Award for her contributions in this field.

“Rozanne became involved in this program before there were other biochemistry co-op programs in British Columbia, and she quickly cornered the market on co-op jobs for molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology,” says the department’s chair, Dr. Robert Burke. “Other universities saw these successes and set out to emulate them. Thus, our program is not in the top tier—it is the program at the very top, leading all others.”

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