Jeremy Webber

Jeremy Webber
Faculty of Law

On leave until 06/30/22


BA (honours) Political Science – UBC, LLB, BCL (first class honours: Gold medal) – McGill, LLM – Osgoode

Area of expertise

Indigenous legal rights, cultural diversity, constitutional theory.


Jeremy Webber is Professor of Law at the University of Victoria. He has written widely in legal theory, constitutional theory, Indigenous rights, federalism, cultural diversity, and constitutional law in Canada and in relation to other countries (especially Australia). He is the author of Reimagining Canada: Language, Culture, Community and the Canadian Constitution (1994), The Constitution of Canada: A Contextual Analysis (second edition: 2021), and Las gramáticas de la ley: Derecho, pluralismo y justicia (2017).

His current writing continues these themes, now focusing in particular on exploring the principal features of a truly democratic, agonistic, constitutionalism. He also seeks to restore to his work a concern with the law of property and especially economic inequality, in particular the latter’s corrosive effects upon democratic constitutional orders. See “Selected Publications” below for a selection of his principal publications, or click on the link to his curriculum vitae.

Professor Webber was UVic’s Dean of Law from 2013 to 2018. Prior to becoming Dean, Professor Webber held the Canada Research Chair in Law and Society at UVic from 2002 to 2014. He surrendered the chair to serve as Dean of Law. Before coming to UVic, Professor Webber was Dean of Law at the University of Sydney, Australia (1998-2002) and Professor of Law at McGill University (1987-1998). He was appointed a Fellow of the Trudeau Foundation in 2009 and a Fellow of Royal Society of Canada in 2016.