Supriya Routh

Associate Professor

Supriya Routh

Supriya Routh

Faculty of Law
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700, STN CSC
Victoria, BC  V8W 2Y2

Supriya Routh is an Associate Professor of Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, where he teaches Contracts, Individual Employment Relationship Law, and the Legal Process. He is also a member of the Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Studies Committee at the Faculty. Supriya’s research interests include theoretical conceptualizations of work and labour law, workers’ organization initiatives, international labour law, atypical and informal workers in the global South, and human rights and human development. His current research project explores the role and limitations of substantive human rights guarantees in promoting informal and precarious workers’ aspirations, and the innovative form and strategies of the newer kinds of workers’ organizations that are emerging in the Global South.

Prior to joining the University of Victoria, Supriya held research positions (Post-doctoral and Chair Research positions) at the University of Laval, Nantes Institute for Advanced Study, and Humboldt University. A Fulbright Scholar, Supriya holds a PhD in Law & Society from the University of Victoria, LLMs from the Vanderbilt University Law School and the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, and BA, LLB from the University of North Bengal. Before commencing his doctoral studies, Supriya has had three years of teaching experience, teaching both LLB and LLM curriculums at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, where he held an Assistant Professor position. 

Supriya is the author of Enhancing Capabilities through Labour Law: Informal Workers in India (Routledge, 2014) and academic journal articles in the areas of labour law, informal workers, trade unionism, law and development, corporate social responsibility, right to information, and legal education. He is the co-editor (along with Vando Borghi) of Workers and the Global Informal Economy: Interdisciplinary Perspective, published by Routledge in 2016.

Supriya accepts graduate students (LLM and PhD) in the broad areas of labour and employment law; informal workers and law; law and development; critical studies of human rights; socio-legal studies around conceptualization of work; and social and workers’ movements.  

  • BA, LLB – University of North Bengal (2002)

  • LLM – The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (2006)

  • LLM – Vanderbilt University Law School (2008) (Fulbright Scholar)

  • PhD – University of Victoria (2013)



  • “India’s RTI Legislation: Jurisprudential Understanding” (2011) 13: 1-2 The Calcutta Review 177-184 (Reprint).
  • “Globalizing Labor Standards: The Developed-Developing Divide” (2010) 2: 1 Jindal Global Law Review 153-171.
  • “Providing Legal Aid: Some Untried Means” (2008) 50: 3 Journal of Indian Law Institute 375-390.


  • Forthcoming: “Do Human Rights Work for Informal Workers?”, in Diamond Ashiagbor, ed., Re-imagining labour law for development: Informal work in the global North and global South (London: Hart, 2019)

  • Forthcoming: “Exploring an Experience-centric Entitlement Approach for Non-Standard Workers”, in Isabelle Daugareilh and Maryse Badel eds., La Sécurité Sociale: 70 ans d’age, une idée neuve (Paris: Dalloz, 2018)

  • Forthcoming: “Transition from Informality to Formality & Rights of Domestic Workers in India”, in Upasana Mahanta and Indranath Gupta eds., Recognition of the Rights of Domestic Workers in India: Challenges and the Way Forward (New Delhi: Springer, 2018)

  • Forthcoming: "The Need to be Fashionable", In Brian Langille ed., The Capabilities Approach to Labour Law (London: OUP, 2019) 

  • Forthcoming: “Challenging labour law’s ‘productivist’ bias through feminist lens – A Conversation”, in Ania Zbyszewska, Miriam Kullmann and Alicia Blackham eds., Theorizing Labour Law in a Changing World: New Perspectives and Approaches(London: Hart, 2019) (coauthored with Ania Zbyszewska).

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  • (Coauthored with Marisa N. Fassi) "Informal workers' organising strategies in India and Argentina", in Supriya Routh and Vando Borghi eds., Workers and the Global Informal Economy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Abingdon, UK & New York: Routledge, 2016) 205-219.

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