Visiting with a letter of permission

Students from any post-secondary institution around the world can apply to visit UVic as a study abroad student with a letter of permission.

You'll be able to take up to five courses per term that will count as credit toward your program of study at your home institution.

If your first language is not English, and if you have not studied in Canada or another English-speaking country for four recent academic years, you must demonstrate English language proficiency (see requirements for undergraduate and graduate students). Study must be from an acceptable program offered by an approved secondary or post-secondary institution.

If you're an undergraduate student, you may be eligible to apply to UVic as an exchange student or as a study abroad student from a partner institution.

How to apply

1. Complete an online application

Undergraduate students

Submit your application to UVic through the EducationPlannerBC application service. When you are asked to select a program, choose "I am visiting from another institution on a letter of permission".

Go to EducationPlannerBC

Graduate students

Submit your application through UVic's online application. On the "Starting questions" page, select the following choices:

  • Which level of study are you applying for? Graduate
  • Are you applying to a degree, diploma or certificate program at the University of Victoria? No
  • Are you visiting from another institution on a Letter of Permission? Yes

Go to the UVic online application

2. Submit your letter of permission

In addition to the online application, you must arrange for your university or college to send a letter of permission to Undergraduate Admissions.

The letter must include:

  • the session for which permission is given
  • the specific courses to be taken while you are visiting UVic
    • Email to request a list of recommended undergraduate courses for short-term international students.
    • You can also view available courses in our academic calendar.

Your application will not be processed until this information is received.

Students who wish to continue their study at UVic must reregister for a future session by submitting an updated letter of permission.

Registering for courses

Your letter of permission identifies the courses that you want to take while visiting UVic. However, you will still need to register online for your courses after your application has been accepted.

  • You will receive an email from UVic's Office of the Registrar that will tell you when to register online for courses.
  • Prepare in advance by reviewing the tutorials and videos at

Preparing for life in Canada

Once you've made arrangements to study at UVic, it's time to plan your travels. Learn about living in Canada.

More information

For more information, email . Let them know your interested in joining us as a visiting student with a letter of permission, and please include the name and location of your home institution.