Self-isolation plan & documentation

Before travelling to Canada, all students must create a 14-day quarantine plan. Your submissions will cover your travel arrangements, locations of self-isolation (quarantine), and arrangements for necessities (food).   This applies to both fully vaccinated travellers who meet the Government of Canada requirements of fully vaccinated  exemption , as well as those who are not vaccinated.

Self-isolation (quarantine) registration

To ensure compliance with federal and provincial regulations, you must register your self-isolation (quarantine) plans with the:

Government of Canada, using the ArriveCAN app

Within 72 hours of boarding your flight or crossing the land border to Canada, you must use the Government of Canada ArriveCAN system to submit your:

Once you submit your information through ArriveCAN, a receipt will be displayed. Be ready to show the receipt to a Canadian border services officer. You can show your receipt from the app as a screenshot or printout. 

For those entering Canada who are not fully vaccinated, once you've arrived in Canada, you must use the ArriveCAN system to:

  • complete daily COVID-19 symptom self-assessments until the completion of your self-isolation period or until you report symptoms.

For more information or registration and requirements, refer to the ArriveCAN site.

Please note that you will be asked for a phone number on which you can receive calls from ArriveCAN while in self-isolation (quarantine).  The ICE Currency booth at the airports sell both prepaid credit cards and SIM cards, and are accessible to arriving passengers before taking their COVID-19 test.  Watch for signage.

Alternatively you can make arrangements for a phone and/or SIM card before arriving in Canada through PhoneBox. Phone calling can also be set up through your laptop computer using Call2Friends, Skype or Google Voice.

UVic Self-isolation Program, by completing the self-isolation registration form

International students travelling to Canada and enrolled at the University of Victoria must provide appropriate notification to the university of their self-isolation (quarantine) plans by registering in the UVic Self-isolation Program prior to their arrival in Canada.  Completing the UVic Study Location Registration form is mandatory as part of the requirement for international students to enter Canada for study during the pandemic for both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated students.

Unvaccinated students must complete a daily check-in form for each day while in self-isolation (quarantine), starting on your date of arrival in Canada.

UVic's Self-isolation Program is designed to support you, as a UVic student, make the necessary arrangements for arriving in Canada, self-isolating on arrival, and ensuring a successful start to your studies in Canada.


Self-isolation check-ins

Unvaccinated students are also required to check in while in self-isolation (quarantine), both with the ArriveCAN and the University of Victoria:

  1. Check-in  with the Government of Canada after you arrive and complete your self-assessment daily with the Government of Canada, through the ArriveCAN app or by calling 1-833-641-0343.
  2. Check in daily with the University of Victoria by completing a Self-Isolation Daily Check-in form

The International Centre for Students and the University of Victoria are here to support you throughout your time in self-isolation (quarantine). For more information, see the supports and opportunities section of this website.