Program forms

Every September, you should meet with your supervisor to review and update your Student Progress Report, and then submit it to our graduate secretary () by September 30th. This will let you keep track of your progress as you work through your program of study.

Other useful forms

Aside from updating your Progress Report every year, you will likely have to complete and submit various other forms during your program. Here are the most used, in alphabetical order:

  • Andy Farquharson Teaching Excellent Award for Graduate Students - nomination form
  • Auditor Class Entry Form
  • Direct Deposit enrollment form - graduate awards
  • Directed Studies Pro Forma proposal form
  • External Examiner - Confirmation of Arm's Length Status
  • GSS Travel Grant
  • Linguistics Research Fund - instructions
  • Linguistics Research Fund - pre-approval form
  • Linguistics Research Fund - travel report
  • Non-thesis oral examination checklist
  • Proposal for Pro Forma Course
  • Request for candidacy extension
  • Request for final oral examination - doctoral program
  • Request for final oral examination - masters program
  • Thesis/dissertation approval form
  • Thesis/dissertation withholding form

To ensure using the most current forms please go to the Graduate Studies website. You will find additional form that you may need.

The GSS website also has a number of useful forms you can download, including ones related health and dental insurance and the student bus pass.

Checklist for Master's and PhD degree completion

The Faculty of Graduate Studies has a handy checklist for completion of Master's and PhD degrees. It is a PDF document that has links to the relevant forms as well.