We offer a variety of programs at the graduate level, catering to students with a wide range of backgrounds and interests.

Our PhD program and two of our master's programs (MA in Linguistics and MA in Applied Linguistics) are offered "in house" by the Department of Linguistics; the MILR program is offered in partnership with Indigenous Education in the Faculty of Education.

Program requirements and timelines

Our MAs are designed to be 2 year programs. Our PhD is designed to be a 4-5 year program.

The UVic Academic Calendar provides additional details.

Co-op option

You can combine any of our graduate programs with UVic's internationally renowned Humanities and Fine Arts Co-op program, incorporating work terms into your studies. To find out more about co-op and work experience opportunities geared towards Linguistics students, contact Allison Benner.


If you have questions about our programs and cannot find the answers on our Graduate pages, check the FAQs page, or contact us directly: