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Global Community Social Drop In

Join the Global Community Social Drop In to meet new people, play games, and hang out! Bring your lunch and stay for a cup of tea and good conversation. This event is led by our student staff.

Chemistry seminar - Merck Lecturer: Sharon Neufeldt, Montana State University

Controlling Selectivity in Cross-Couplings of Dihalo(hetero)arenes

Abstract:Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions are among the most powerful transformations in organic synthesis. Nevertheless, controlling selectivity can be problematic whenemploying substrates with more than one (pseudo)halide. Two such challenges are discussed in this presentation. Overfunctionalization is one challenge: it can be difficult to control even withcarefully tuned stoichiometry. We have investigated the mechanistic origin of ligand effects on controlling between mono- versus diarylation in Suzuki cross-couplings. Ligand sterics influence thecompetition between two pathways: a bimolecular mechanism for dissociation of the mono-coupled product from Pd versus a second oxidative addition event. Our studies provide insight into strategies tominimize (or maximize) polyfunctionalization in cross-coupling reactions. This presentation will also describe another selectivity challenge that arises with dihalogenated heteroarenes. Mostdihaloheteroanes undergo cross-coupling reactions with a strong preference for breaking one C–halide bond over the other. For a few such substrates, catalyst-controlled approaches have been describedthat enable inversion of the conventional site selectivity. However, 2,4-dihalopyrimidines are particularly resistant to change: they always undergo cross-coupling at C4, and SNAr reactions also tendto favor that site. We recently developed a method to preferentially cross-couple at the C2 position of 2,4-dihalopyrimidines. The selectivity is surprising, and preliminary mechanistic investigationsuggests that C—X cleavage does not take place through a traditional oxidative addition mechanism.

Building Character with Virtues

Building character means to strengthen and incorporate virtues such as kindness to develop self-reliance and how to set boundaries.

Effective time-management strategies

Start off your semester with a good plan in place! This one-hour workshop discusses easy-to-apply strategies for overcoming the procrastinatory tendencies that impede a healthy work-life balance.Reasonable time-management tips will be offered to restore a sense of control as well as methods for mitigating the anxiety, fatigue, or strain seeded by successive all-nighters. Lastly, triagetactics for particularly daunting circumstances will be covered.

This workshop will be held over Zoom:
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2-for-1 Drop In: Career Support & Academic Advising

What can you do with your degree? Meet with career educators and academic advisors for support.

Sacred Steps: A Journey to Mindful Connection

Join us for "Sacred Steps", a transformative program that invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery through walking meditation, barefoot walking, and nature walks. Immerse yourself inthe beauty of Finnerty Gardens, Mystic Vale, and other enchanting locations around the campus.

Yoga for Meditation

Yoga is a mind and body practice. Yoga for meditation combines physical postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation. Yoga involves movement, meditation, and breathing techniques to promotemental & physical well-being.