Financial Assistance

The University of Victoria currently offers a series of Fellowships and Awards from a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $17,500 (MA), and $20,000 (PhD), most of which are renewable subject to a minimum grade-point average of 7.0 on a 9.0 scale. The University also offers Academic Income Supplements to a maximum of $6,000 which entail “academically-related employment” such working as a Teaching Assistant. Students with SSHRC scholarships receive President’s Research Scholarships at a value of $4,000 per year. Departments may also allocate a UVic Outstanding Graduate Student Entrance Award to an entering full time student at $5,000.  Visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for more information.

The Department of Greek and Roman Studies also actively encourages graduate students to apply for SSHRC grants. The Department has a successful system in place to advise and support students who apply for SSHRC grants, and any other grants that are appropriate.

Major scholarships funded by SSHRC for master's and doctoral students include:

Other national scholarships include:

UVic scholarships available for GRS graduate students include: 

  • Howard E. Petch Research Scholarship = $7,500
  • David F. Strong = $7,500
  • UVic Alumni Association Graduate Award = $2,000
  • Ian H. Stewart = $5,000

UVic scholarships in 2016-17, specifically for GRS graduate students include:

  • John O. Dell Graduate Scholarship = $575 (Ancient History or GRS; especially for numismatics).
  • David and Geoffrey Fox = $4,675 (awarded to GRS in even years).
  • Sheila and John Hackett Research Travel Award = $1,325
  • Gordon and Hilda Fitch Graduate Scholarship = $1,300
  • Margareta von Rudloff Travel Assistance Award = various values



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