Department news

2019-20 JCURA Abstract winners for Gender Studies

2019-20 JCURA Abstract winners for Gender Studies Alexa McMunagle's research will be An Exploration of Transracialism and Transableism — Legitimacy, Reactions and Implications Paloma Ponti will research the Perspectives on the Role of Counselling in Social Change and Activism Sage Lacerte's research will be an exploration of Indigenous feminisms, decolonization and resurgence JCURA Fair time, date and location Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 Where: Student Union Building, Michele Pujol Room and Upper Lounge Hours: 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Congratulations to JCURA winners

Congratulations to Rachael Crook, Lauren Frost, and Kästle Van Der Meer, Gender Studies winners of Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards (JCURA). Rachael will explore "Queering fat sex: Exploring the queerness of non-normative sexual (and non-sexual) bodies." Lauren's project is titled "Casting Call: White Neutrality and Gender Binary in Theatre and Film." Kästle's research will focus on “Food Trends and Fad Diets in Popular Culture: How they Affect the Body Image of Young Adults.”

Jacqueline Kittel wins national Undergraduate Essay Prize

Jacqueline Kittel's “Women in the Cannabis Industry in British Columbia: Is There a Green Ceiling?” has won the 2018 Undergraduate Essay Prize. The award comes from Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF), the national professional association for the academic discipline of Women's and Gender Studies in Canada.

Mystery artist revealed as gender studies grad

Since April 2017, portraits of BC Legislature personnel, quickly sketched on sticky notes, have appeared on the Twitter account @bcpoliportraits. The amusing sketches have been noticed and commented on by BC politicians, but no one knew who drew them. The mystery deepened when people realized that the artist had to be an insider, since some of the likenesses are of people who work in non-public areas. When the Vancouver Sun asked who was creating the Twitter sketches, the artist replied with a drawing of a ghost. Zoé Ducharme, who graduated with a degree in gender studies and just completed a legislative internship, finally revealed herself as the artist.

Georgia Sitara wins Humanities Teaching Award

Dr. Georgia Sitara is the 2017 recipient of the Faculty of Humanities Award for Teaching Excellence. This is the first time that a Sessional Lecturer has been honoured with this award since it was established in 1999. Georgia teaches courses in Gender Studies, History and Social Justice Studies. In her GNDR courses, she starts each class by writing "Love not Fear" on the board and drawing a heart around the words to set the tone for the lesson. No wonder Georgia's students find her teaching so inspiring!

UVic honours Annalee Lepp

President Jamie Cassels stated in his Campus Conversations that, “… our university’s core strength truly rests on the special combination of talented and dedicated people working in a collaborative and collegial environment.” The President’s Extraordinary Service Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions of our people, whether teams or individuals, from all across campus. Dr. Annalee Lepp of Gender Studies will receive The Collaborator award for her work as Chair of UVic's Working Group on Sexualized Violence Programs and Policy. After 11 months of work and over 100 interviews with stakeholders, UVic's Sexualized Violence and Response Policy was approved by the Board of Governors on March 28, 2017.