Project Announcement: Lii Michif Niyannan | We Are Métis

Social Work project to shed light on Canada’s untold Métis story (Dec 2019)

The project will be led by Jeannine Carriere, a professor and accomplished researcher with the School of Social Work at the University of Victoria for the past 15 years. Award-winning Métis filmmaker and professor Emeritus in Gender Studies, Christine Welsh, is co-producer for the film and co-lead on this important endeavor. Highly accomplished Social Work graduate student, Trish Pal, has also agreed to work on the project as a research assistant. Pal is a Two-Spirit Metis person who won the Dean’s Award for Indigenous Graduate Students along with a faculty academic achievement award.

Report Release - Fostering Success: Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth in/from Care

Research Report - Fostering Success

Annotated Bibliography

Project Announcement: 

Mapping Approaches to Improve Educational Outcomes for Youth from Care

An article focussing on youth from care and informal support

Program Evaluation Study

New "Brief Report" Series Focussing on Youth from Care

Someone's Mother, Sister or Daughter: Street Sex Workers, Their Families and Transitioning Out of Street Sex Work

Someone Project CoverSomeone's Mother, Sister or Daughter: Street Sex Workers, Their Families and Transitioning Out of Street Sex Work

Research Team - Susan Strega (Principal Investigator), Leslie Brown, Sinead Charbonneau, Sohki Aski Esquao (Jeannine Carriere), Caitlin Janzen, and Qwul'sih'yah'maht (Robina Thomas)

Report Release - An Assessment of Youth Homelessness Prevention:

Avoiding the Precipice - Full Report
Avoiding the Precipice - Evaluation Summary

Project Proposal Summary: The Link: An Assessment of Youth Homelessness Prevention 

The Principal Researcher for this study is Dr. Deborah Rutman. Co-­‐Principal Researchers are Carol Hubberstey and Sharon Hume. Project partners: Aunt Leah’s Place Society and the School of Social Work, University of Victoria. 

Substance Using Women with FASD and FASD Prevention:


The Principal Researcher for this study is Dr. Deborah Rutman. Project partners: BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, the Aurora Centre, Inter Tribal Health Association, Vancouver Island Health Authority, Victoria FASD Community Circle, Canadian National Coalition of Experiential Women, and PEERS Victoria. 

Adults living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: in search of justice fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and employment: supporting adults with FASD on the job 

Deborah Rutman (principal investigator) with Corey La Berge, & Donna Wheway (FAS/E Support Network of BC)

Citizenship rights of sexually exploited children: self, dignity, power

Mehmoona Moosa-Mitha, principal investigator

Denied assistance: closing the front door on welfare

Bruce Wallace, principal investigator. Tim Richards, Marge Reitsma-Street, and Seth Klein.

Fathering within child welfare

Leslie Brown, principal investigator. Marilyn Callahan, Susan Strega, Lena Dominelli, and Chris Walmsley.

Grandmothers caring for their grandchildren research project 

Leslie Brown, Barb Whittington, Pat MacKenzie, Marilyn Callahan, Gayle Ployer.

Parenting with FASD: challenges, strategies and support issues

Deborah Rutman, principal investigator. Corey La Berge & Donna Wheway (FAS/E Support Network of BC)

The pedagogy of anti-oppression

Donna Jeffery

Preparing for the university of tomorrow, today: improving the teaching, research and learning environment for minority and Indigenous women faculty and students

Jo-Anne Lee, principal investigator. Xiaobei Chen and Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, co-investigators.

Promoting positive outcomes for youth from care

Deborah Rutman, Ph.D. & Carol Hubberstey, M.A., co-principal researchers. April Barlow & Erinn Brown (research assistants / peer support workers).

Supporting grandmothers raising grandchildren

Project team: Barbara Whittington (principal investigator, UVic), Leslie Brown & Patricia MacKenzie (UVic), Tina Pearson (Parent Support Services), David Burns (Association of Family Serving Agencies) and Marion Gracey (project coordinator).

Supporting young people's transition from government care

Deborah Rutman & Carol Hubberstey, co-principal investigators. April Barlow & Erinn Brown.
"Stepping stones: life skills workshops for youth leaving care - a facilitator's guide" is a resource produced through this project. It contains numerous activities and skill-building exercises specifically geared to assisting youth in their transition from care.

Wedge provisioning project: provisioning, women and community

Marge Reitsma-Street, principal investigator. Sheila Neysmith, Elaine Porter, and Stephanie Baker-Collins, co-invesitgators

Who cares

The experiences of students with children at the University of Victoria. A report prepared by Barbara Whittington, Martha McAlister, Helvi Apted & Michelle Dale, with support from the Equity & Human Rights Office, February, 2004.

Women's health research

Dr. Amy Salmon, Women’s Health Research Institute
Dr. Deborah Rutman, Research Initiatives for Social Change, School of Social Work