UVic documentary - Lii Michif Niiyanaan: We are Métis

We would like to congratulate Dr. Jeannine Carriere, our own SOCW Professor, who has worked for five years as Executive Producer alongside producers Christine Welsh, Gregory Coyes and Madeline Ell to release this beautiful movie “Lii Michif Niiyanaan: We are Métis” —a love letter to the courage, determination and resilient spirit of the Métis nation.

Please read more about the movie:

Here are the ways you can watch:

  1. UVic Faculty, Staff, Students: Library streaming is free for any UVic user with a NetLink ID. 

    **Please note – to access the video you must click on the “View full text” link under the “View Online” option: https://search.library.uvic.ca/discovery/fulldisplay?context=L&vid=01VIC_INST:01UVIC&search_scope=MyInstitution&tab=LIBALL&docid=alma9957796534907291

  2. To Rent – Those who are not affiliated with UVic can rent the film for a three-day period from Moving Images Distribution: https://watch.movingimages.ca/products/lii-michif-niiyanaan-we-are-metis

  3. To Buy – If you would like to purchase a DVD copy or Digital Streaming Licence of the film for an external community/organization, please do so here: https://movingimages.ca/products/lii-michif-niiyanaan-we-are-metis?_pos=1&_sid=44709ec7e&_ss=r

Updated: Feb 12, 2024