National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021 - Message from Director

Yowtz everyone! I hope this day finds you well!!

As many of you know, for many Indigenous Peoples, today is the first day of Summer, it is the time of year when we do our salmon harvest and preserving for the winter, it’s the time of year to berry pick and preserve, this is the most beautiful time to be out on the water! Summer if the season of much activity, this is the ‘doing season’.

For the past few years, the government has been realizing that our Peoples hearts, cultural teachings and Ceremonies are stronger than ever and that no matter what comes our way, whether it is Law, Policies and/or change in legislation, Indigenous Ceremonies will prevail, so today, I want to honor our Ancestors for living through the generational Laws imposed on our people. I recognize through their strength, we are strong!

Today I celebrate Indigenous Women in Leadership who are instrumental in Social Work Profession – To Dr. Billie Allan, President for CASWE-ACFTS!! I truly had goose bumps when I first heard this wonderful news! In this leadership, I believe Canadian Association of Social Work will continue to decolonize and bring Social Justice to this profession – congratulations Billie in this incredible leadership position!

Second, I want to congratulate Dr. Robina Thomas in her role as Associate Vice-President (AVPI) for Uvic. Our UVIC President immediately saw the need for an Indigenous person as AVPI and created this space for Dr. Thomas – well over due for our university! Robina has been my mentor since I was a student and when she was a MSW student. I recall student meetings and at the time (1996) we were dreaming of Indigenous student support, NOW, we have an Indigenous colleague as President for CASWE and AVPI !

On behalf of our school, we hold you two incredible scholars up and congratulate you in these significant positions.

Have a wonderful day today and enjoy any awareness events that will be happening on campus and whereever you are located!

With respect,

Jacquie Green
Director, Associate Professor
University of Victoria